Friday, September 10, 2010

fattas mig

old i old sold m

except of the bunch in sweden, which i saw pretty recently. and a few other people of course. there are many people that are constantly too far away. and i wonder if we ever will live closer? asking that question i realize it is mostly in my hands, since i doubt any of you would be that crazy to move to israel. fair enough.

you are the dearest skeleton of my closet. whether you read this or not. loads of love to you all.


s said...

kärlek tillbaka!

Anonymous said...

Både sorglig och underbar.

Maria said...

Thank you.This was very beutiful.

Anonymous said...

sweet bunny, i miss you. i don`t like to be a skeleton in the closet ;). anyhow- i am sure i will come back to life ones you phone...!! let me know when you are around a phone somewhere on this planet. kisses&love**
miss phussy