Tuesday, June 26, 2012

while waiting

zebrathis blood is real

recovering from a stomach virus, and a few days of not digesting much but rice and only rice, going straight to a glass of wine and homemade pizza.

is it only me or are we more sick than our parents used to be? more viruses jumping around? can some medicine student (my sister for instance?) or someone else explain this?! i am planning a little road trip to the south between some important meetings and closures. each thing checked on the to do list seem to instantly bring a new thing to the list that needs to be done.

planning a quiet week next week, let’s hope i manage to accomplish it. happy hugs to you all!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

a cup of tea and the morning turtle

teamorning turtle 

hey 24th of june, here we go!~ i am on my way to meet two strangers today, friends of a friend, which is always exciting.  yesterday i met another stranger, which was this little turtle who was chilling in the garden. there are a few wild ones strolling around over here, if you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of them munching on a zucchini somewhere.  and a dear friend of mine came back from far away, she was so pretty with her cup of tea and cigarette in the afternoon light. i am also closing circles and reconnecting with people i have lost on the way. it ain’t over until it’s over and only then can it start from a new beginning again.    

Thursday, June 21, 2012

fabulous family


look at these four. mamma pappa barn.

what could be more important than your family? if it is not your biological family, then your extended family of friends and community. i am so grateful to have both. a big bunch of lovely people,spread around the world, that i love to bits.

update: svenska bloggvänner, i slutet av augusti/september är jag i sverige, vad sägs om en liten happening?

Monday, June 18, 2012

taste my summer

picnick  birdie 2 matos  brilliantold yafoharbor icecream

sweet and busy days. and now almost late for work. but for a brief moment i had so many things to write about. like the wild boar safari and sleeping in the woods, and confronting yourself with your fears and picking up the phone. isn’t life just like a quilt made out of thousands of different pieces? i have said it before, sometime, somewhere. you would say ‘brokigt’ in swedish. according to the online dictionary it can be translated into motley.  

gotta go! hugs.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

what about then

at shaffa  boxesPicture 474

so this sara girl, well,  she is drinking many beers, seeing friends, ‘hosting’ her dear sister, pondering the life and rules of being a teacher, wondering how she wants to deal with authority in the above mentioned role, listening to cheesy love songs when no one sees (or hears), and itching summer bites on her legs.

among many other things. this june is full of action. what about you?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

no doubt about it


summer is here. take some time and watch the water flow. i am here and there and you are not forgotten.

love and hugs.

Monday, June 4, 2012

one,two,three,four,five little toes


i spared you the details. (you might remember my fascination for dead animals, documented here and here?) which now reminds me of the documentary about sally mann photographing corpses in a research park. perhaps those squashed road kills are my way of creating some sort of relationship to death, which still remains a weird, foreign concept. might be a twisted way, however…

… look at the detail of his/her feet. that’s what captured my attention to begin with.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

the wedding decoration, the van, the silhouette

the weddingthe vanthe silhouette

look at those eyelashes. like made for butterfly kisses.  

hey it is june! summer is here! i am trying to figure out what is really important, right here and right now. perhaps a few iron pills and a week of sleep? i feel ok but everyone says i look tired. well, life can make one tired, no matter how beautiful and exciting it is. wild boars, cherry trees, making shelves and baking bread. fitting schedules and planning ahead (which is way not my strongest side) dreaming repetitive dreams and filling in applications.

welcome june, may you be sweet and tender.