Thursday, December 31, 2009

*strange* things we eat


rice porridge with sugar and cinnamon


black pudding with lingonberry jam. i personally DO not eat that.


sweet buns with saffron. i eat plenty of those.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009





incredible winter days. time moves so fast, i always need to think about it. what is a week? what can you actually do in a week? but instead of dwelling on that, i try to enjoy the moment, to the best of my ability. i just decided that this morning. cause that is my tendency to deal with, getting worked up and stressed for nothing. which is never much fun. tomorrow is another day, and another year aswell. breathe in breathe out.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


winter. i am not used to it anymore. –14 degrees and the darkness makes my rhythm out of sync, it seems impossible to wake up in the morning when it is pitch dark outside. but i put the alarm, to enjoy those early hours. and to see the sun slowly rising over the snow covered fields. cause before you know it, it goes back down again… we took a walk today, my sister and i. we looked like two fat penguins. we finished off by making some snow angles.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


IMG_1048-pola IMG_1023-pola

the tree was wearing my earrings& we ate plenty of red cabbage.

i made very spontaneous rhymes for the gifts i gave away and the unexpected santa had a naked butt. that was quite impressive! santas with naked butts you don’t get to see everyday. oh, and i saw a falling star and made a very important wish. and now, to be continued in sweden…

Thursday, December 24, 2009


that’s all for now. i am in a baking&cooking frenzy, what’s new? making a fusion christmas where north germany meets sweden meets the middle east. and count down for sweden! two more days, and i am there.

enjoy, and relax…

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy birthday fru a!


älskade syster, ha en fin födelsedag, grattis grattis grattis! plana ut och lägg fötterna på en flyttlåda! kramar och pussar.

my sister has a birthday and my amaryllis is flowering for her over here!

big hyacint

growing growing is my hyacinth.  and me i am happy to be back at home. too many days in the city for my taste. what happened to this city girl i used to be? what happened to my patience for action and people? gone with the wind for now…

Sunday, December 20, 2009

breakfast,take two&christmas guests


pink tea and an egg while talking to miss pink.


the second batch of ginger breads. somewhat meditative, squeezing out all those hearts.i have been running a mini health care at home the last day. some weird flu caught us, but i am still feeling ok enough to stand, boil water for tea & make fire in the fire place.

tonight these sweethearts are flying in from germany, i hope i will be strong enough to host you tomorrow morning!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

my neighborhood




heavy clouds of rain. storms. thunder and lightning. and yesterday morning a very clear rainbow.this is our winter.extremely happy about all this rain. our rainwater tank behind the house is full, and we don’t manage to use enough water, so we invite everybody to take a nice, hot shower in rainwater while they are here. it both tastes and feels different.

and a long night with aching sinuses, coughing, stiff muscles and fever. i slammed my head into the door this morning, which caused a slightly blue,swollen eyebrow.

seems like one of those days you better just hide in bed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

fur ball




bones is curling up to stay warm, and you can’t tell his tail from his head like that. it is raining cats&dogs here, all day long, and i am hiding inside with take two of ginger breads/pepparkakor/speculaas (the first batch has been eaten), and baking some pain riche aswell. meanwhile, i wonder how to deal with disappointment and expectations. how much of my disappointment is mine to deal with? and how much of my expectations can i share? ouf, annoying those things called expectations. on my wish list for christmas i wish a year free of them….

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

how to

i just wanted to find out on google how to do something, and these came up as the most common questions. hmmm.

♥how to tie a tie

♥how to kiss

♥how to get pregnant

♥how to loose weight fast

♥how to cook turkey

♥how to solve a rubix cube

♥how to write a resume

♥how to make a website

♥how to get rid of fruit flies

♥how to loose weight

now that is exactly what i would like to know...

pyssel/long lived socks


my socks have gotten a revival. there was no fabric left underneath, but rather than throwing them away, i transformed them into moccasins. may they live a long, healthy life. amen.

Monday, December 14, 2009





hyacinth flowers for christmas, sourdough bread for the belly and warmers for the pulse. that was parts of my yesterday. doing this and that. now i am jumping on the bus to tel aviv again. the rainy weather makes me wanna crawl under the blanket. i thought of ditching today, but hey, i am quite a good girl after all it seems. anyone who has some tips and ideas for christmas presents? preferably eco style (second hand, homemade etc.)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

evening sky&winter sea

IMG_0727  IMG_0767 IMG_0728 

‘you put a big bird in a small cage and it’ll sing you a song’

beautiful, wintery days over here. colder, windier& rainier than usual. i am getting better at lighting the fire. and today it is lucia. i almost forgot about it! it makes me a little bit sentimental and i am missing my family. two more weeks & i will be there…

Thursday, December 10, 2009



goodnight everybody. or nobody. i did so much today. and not like yesterday. i haven’t hardly touched the computer! my mind is spinning, i feel a tiny bit hyperactive/climbing the walls tonight. yesterday night i went out dancing. i tried to stay very in tune with my body. afterwards, i had so many nightmares, that i dread falling asleep tonight. but a girls gotta do, and all that jazz.

enough of this and goodnight. this time for real.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

today postcard




accept for the bauhaus buildings or the very old buildings, mainly from the ottoman empire, there is a lot of ugly architecture here. well, at least that is my subjective opinion. but i like this little pink house on the jerusalem boulevard. not for its architecture, but it reminds me of tokyo, with all the green plants on the sidewalk. and the clean laundry, drying in the car fumes….

Monday, December 7, 2009

to all the coffee addicts in this world

ay this one is so funny! give it 3 min of your life.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

more ‘shrooms


IMG_0589 IMG_0570


the theme of mushrooms continues. we ate our oyster mushrooms that grew on a log in our bathroom. and then we went to pluck some local ones in the forest. we also found some sorrel which is a plant that grows wild in this area, very tasty and rich on vitamin c. i was wearing my mushroom pin to fit the occasion. and here a great track by funky porcini. for good old days. and to celebrate all this local food!

the ballad of jack and rose

the ballad 


yesterday i went to see ‘inglorious basterds’. big mistake for someone who has to hide when there is violence and blood on the screen. and apart from that, i was still skeptic about this movie. just cause they are making revenge on the bad guys, it is legitimate, and the audience dwell in the violence. not completely my cup of tea.

however, the night before yesterday, i watched ‘the ballad of jack and rose’, which made me cry in the end. haven’t cried watching a movie for a long time. highly recommended, especially for us who dream of utopia..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

make me happy do the dishes


not more and not less than that. i confess, i hate when the dishes are standing around, waiting to be done…

Friday, December 4, 2009




IMG_0539 IMG_0537

yesterday i baked gingerbreads/speculaas/pepparkakor. all on my own. it turns out to be so easy…even without the swedish kind of molasses and with whole wheat flour in stead of normal flour. it kept me busy from seven in the morning until just before lunch time, since we have a tiny oven. for the rest i kept the day very quiet and calm. a day for contemplation.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

december/last year


IMG_2404 IMG_2318


there we go again. last year i was also braiding my hair, i lived in another place, and i baked a lot of christmas sweets.and this was my song of the month. i remember going through a very intense period, with plenty of feelings and confusion. a year has passed, it feels like it went quick, but SO much happened inbetween.

today was a weird day. communication keeps being one of my biggest challenges. the worst is always the unspoken, hanging in the air without being tangible. and always those boarders and obstacles for not just popping that bubble and dealing with it.

instead, knitting is my best therapy, i started again after a few years of not having done it, and it empties my head instantly. if was only better at reading knitting patterns…

Sunday, November 29, 2009



IMG_0474 IMG_0451

it is still confusing for my nordic genes to lay in the sun, drink beer and nap in the middle of november. i even got new freckles on my nose.

goodnight, and i wish you all a good week!