Thursday, September 30, 2010

then came the rain

_MG_5425 _MG_5579  _MG_5583  

and the ‘made in china’ umbrella was not much of a protection. and where are my rubber boots when i need them? still, it was hot and humid. it seemed like the whole city chose to visit moma because of the showers, next time i will go when it is sunny.

Monday, September 27, 2010

the mandatory moment


sweetest sisters with the mandatory moments. it is raining in new york today. i like it.

“let’s invite something new by unifying our silences,if,then and there, we advance, we’ll know it soon enough”

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

actually everything is quite fine

_MG_5201 _MG_5198 _MG_5223_MG_5212_MG_5214_MG_5210

apparently,in new york the squirrels are considered rats with a fancy tail. and they won’t mind posing for you. my favorites so far was walking the stairs of the chelsea hotel, which is like wandering a maze full of art and old memories, a huge store for baking on the west 23rd street, and my sisters of course. *even though they didn’t stick to the pictures yet* and another favorite, which has nothing to do with new york, is the beautiful gift they brought me from textilspanieln. elisabeth i agree with you, actually everything is quite fine…

for the rest, weird dreams, early waking hours and the zombie thing all over again. tonight, we premiere at the kitchen. have a good one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


_MG_5196 _MG_5186

goodmorning new york. goodmorning world. i had the scariest flight in a long time, with turbulence, lightning and thunders. the plane lifting in the air just to drop down with a choir of shocked voices from the went on like that for about an hour. i had so much adrenaline after that, it took me two whiskeys and a long playlist to come back to myself. then i was utterly happy to still be alive. and enjoyed every single moment of it. and here i am in new york. with a jetlag and a bed which is shorter than me by ten cm’s, plus on a diagonal. but oh so alive.

Monday, September 20, 2010

then and now


brooklyn bridge in 2008. i was in new york to dance but with another group, in a completely different context. and at that time my camera just broke down and i did the whole trip with a disposable camera. times change. i look forward to exploring the streets, getting lost, dancing, dancing, dancing, and hanging with these two!

Sunday, September 19, 2010



with all this flying, i decided to compensate by donating part of my earned salary here!


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leaving sydney for new york. spring for autumn. and travelling back in time. not even trying to comprehend were i am in all of that. sydney has been alot of fun. we even managed to squeeze some rainforest into the schedule. well worth it… unfortunately no kangaroos spotted. today, despite pains and tiredness i will give the opera house all what i have. i doubt i will be back anytime soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

blue’s, green’s, campers and so on

_MG_5015  _MG_5006_MG_4945_MG_5011 _MG_4994   _MG_4988_MG_5018 _MG_5014

another session of blues and greens. we jumped to bondi beach before the performance. the sea gives the greatest perspective. we are small after all. i keep finding signs, and i dream of that camper that i will drive from one place to another. perhaps this is a call for my drivers license more than anything?

tonight will be our third performance in the opera house, tomorrow a day of rest and adventure, then two more shows to go and we head of to new york… have a lovely day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

past few days

_MG_4906  _MG_4904_MG_4884_MG_4901    sydney (70)

i am wearing sneakers for the first time since…the winter. my feet are closed in again. it is a lovely, but chilly spring weather going on over here. the two pairs of feet above however, belong to my friends that i know from sweden, who live in melbourne. one of the best things with touring is when you have the opportunity to meet up with friends you never see otherwise. the ultimate combination of business and pleasure. and so far sydney has been way more pleasures than business. walking, looking, coffee-drinking, talking, walking, eating, photographing, walking, zombie\ing, sleeping, walking some more. but tonight we premiere. and i still feel like my body got lost somewhere between london and hongkong.

haven’t yet found a good place to internet, and i miss popping in to read your blogs. but i will do some catching up as soon as i can. love and kiss from sydney!

p.s this song is a perfect song for autumn days, the clip makes me want to ride a bike…

the maze


not only did we get major lost trying to find the opera house (even though you can pretty much see it from everywhere) but also you definitely get lost inside the building. it is HUGE! even the people that work in the building and want to help you find your way get lost. so if you never hear from me again, it might mean i am lost in the sydney opera house. wandering endlessly the stairs with other performers who got lost during the years.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

sydney (through the eyes of a zombie)

sydney (26)  sydney (41) sydney (58)sydney (63)  sydney (37)sydney (25)sydney (67)

we made it. all the way to australia, sydney. how exactly did that happen? i am not sure. but i read ‘a wild sheep chase’ from the beginning to the end, slept for eight hours sitting straight in my chair with only my head moving from right to left and dreamt many dreams, there above the clouds. and now we are fighting the jetlag, a whole day of walking the streets of sydney like zombies with the weirdest little things happening to us. and i keep finding messages in the street signs, ready to be deciphered.

Friday, September 10, 2010

fattas mig

old i old sold m

except of the bunch in sweden, which i saw pretty recently. and a few other people of course. there are many people that are constantly too far away. and i wonder if we ever will live closer? asking that question i realize it is mostly in my hands, since i doubt any of you would be that crazy to move to israel. fair enough.

you are the dearest skeleton of my closet. whether you read this or not. loads of love to you all.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

fly fly little fly

poland and colombia 005-pola

up in the air, above the clouds. i was never afraid of flying but the more i fly, the scarier it seems to get. or is it simply another sign of age/maturity? anyhow, i am of to australia! i will keep you posted. love and airkisses.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the weekend

 _MG_4744 _MG_4762 _MG_4760 

mud-body paint. they look like little aboriginals, don’t they?

happy new year!