Thursday, January 31, 2008

it ain't over until it is over

*yes, that is my leg, after a week of 'aide memoire'. im happy we are done with those walls for now, finally i might get rid of the beat up housewife look. * it is freezing cold here. j-lem and the north is covered in snow. even here we had some.* im thinking alot about my ecological footprint these days. sometimes it makes me very sad. this is the backyard of an apartment in t.aviv. also used as dumpster. just a tiny drop in the ocean.*

where i lay my hat

i became a bus creature. my body knows very well how to fit in between two seats in creative ways.
and then, arriving to the theater, trying to perform with the same body. our costume lady fell asleep under the newspaper, only a few dreadlocks are revealing her.
for the rest, this week was alot about touch.

and how touch is always so variated.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

shbt 26 th of jan

its been a lovely one day weekend. i kept letting the fresh air inside, even though it made me a bit cold. i changed my bed back to head facing north? perhaps placebo, but had the feeling i slept better. there is a potato plant growing in my compost.
feel thankful for my organic breakfast and the happy flowers in the livingroom.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

disaster news

yesterday morning, before taking the bus to the theater, all the dancers (especially) where shocked to see the pub of the kibbutz on fire.
farewell pub.
that was our (well, mainly their) only place to get rid of whatever, twice a week.

now, there is a post pub era starting.
let's see what it will bring.

(btw, did someone put a spell on the kibbutz??>the other day the computer system of our supermarket crashed, hence all the bills of January vanished. however, these are rather positive news for us)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

just another point of view

i just realized that if i think of it as 'giving my kitchen utensils a bubble bath' rather than 'doing the dishes', i enjoy it a lot more!

pickles and jam

it has been a interesting weekend. mainly due to the little solo i performed in s.dalal, the weird creature eating pickles and jam. intense happenings. weird meetings. all my normal rythms out of sync, appetite, sleep etc. today i will try to find harmony.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a few things that need to happen

*i need to leave my candy alone
*my house needs to heat up
*i need to prepare, emotionally and physically for a few monster weeks. starting tomorrow. (crazy schedule, too many performances, too few rehersals)
*i need to clean my house
*and besides that, enjoy life, talk on the phone, rest, stretch, meditate, write, cook, sleep, etc etc

Monday, January 14, 2008

vendel 13-1 09.08/acco 14-1 05.36

at least you guys have insolation

the blanket from morocco is fighting the draft from the window. and plenty of candles are also heating the space. it is freezing here!

me, i am wearing as much as i can, including my magic cloak...

and i cooked a yellow thai curry, the spices keeps me warm. aroy mak mak!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


i am having quite a complex relationship to the net lately. i decided to sign out of facebook *which i have learned to hate with a passion :) * some of the reasons are presented here!
please frkn l, check it out...
and then i also feel i spend too much time blogging, well, mainly reading blogs, hence i realized that i am somewhat disconnected from reality, and i forget to prioritize other important things.

so, that is why it is quite silent these days. on this simple, humble blog....

now im off to enjoy some freshly squeezed orange juice before going down to the studio.

and, as soon as i have the possibility, i will pimp up the blog.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

grattis igen (battre sent an aldrig)