Wednesday, October 31, 2007


en prinsess-slotts-tarta! smakar formodligen bara socker och E-nummer. men det ar tanken som raknas....

without her i would have left

Monday, October 29, 2007

more nice sayings

this one from one of the crazy dudes in ga'aton, crazy but clever, this is what he said the other night in the pub;

'i don't want to cause God more problems, just trust life a bit more'


even though im not fashionable

....having written about addictions being like fashion, i just remembered what my friend muriel told me the other day, as a comment on my 'work' clothes;
"you look like someone who doesn't know how to combine clothes"

i took it as a compliment...

addictions are like fashion

someone just commented on my blog, refering to addictions (i know who you are:),
which made me think that my addictions are more like fashion than anything else. they kind of go in periods, perhaps even related to the season.

lately, one of my evening addictions has been a locally brewed beer called malca. it is a red beer, whatever that means, with a yeasty flavour, very tasty. on top of that, it is such a great feeling to buy local products from small producers.

my coffee addiction kicks on and off, but generally, it is on, or IN FASHION, all the time...
the last couple of days while i had a cold, i kept the morning ritual of coffee next to my healthy boost (lemon, ginger, honey mix) while usually if im sick, coffee is out of the question.

another, less constructive (!), addiction has been to waste my time reading blog's on the internet. this one is hard to kick off, but im more disciplined these days.

anyone feels like sharing their addictions with me?

Friday, October 26, 2007

a house full of people

even though most of you are very far away, i am so often reminded of you. except of the pictures, my house is actually built out of different spirits, to put it nicely...

everytime i make a pot of tea in my princess style tea pot, i think of mormor.
my favourite towel with pink 70's flowers reminds me of sophia.
all my lilleman knifes makes me think of mamma.
i sleep on rainers old pillow case.
my money is carried in a wallet from frkn L.
every morning when i make my coffee, i measure the amount with this little, cute wooden spoon which maarten gave me.
my kitchen carpet was made together with farmor.
my lamp is a gift from jenny.
fru A gave me my favourite pyjama.
i have a blue green coloured 'slinger' hanging in my kitchen window which ingetje made.
micke's angel is hanging in the door to my bedroom.
the butterflies on my bathroom mirror reminds me of fanny.
els's jewelry string is either decorating the wall or me.
my wolly house shoes was a present from pappa.

and so on, so on...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

it is a madhouse

worth thinking about once in a while...

what to give a two year old???

i feel like the worst aunt in the universe...i have no clue what this little muffin is up to, and i have no clue what two year olds in general are into?

clothes is something more to please the mum. stuffed animals is completely out of the question.
books, well the hebrew would still be quite a challenge...

any ideas? advices? suggestions?

risotto style pasta recepie

* dice some onion and garlic
*fry the onion on a low flame until it gets transparent. add the garlic in the end. (mushrooms would be a nice addition at this point, for instance porto bello)
*add a cup of red wine
*add plenty of butter
*leave this mixture on a low flame while boiling the pasta (make sure that it has a nice al dente)

*once the pasta is done, add safron, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese to the onion/wine sauce. afterwards mix the pasta into the sauce and let it fry together for a short bit

bonne apetit!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

at least it will beat pasta pesto

(in being original that is!)
well, fru A, i must say im quite lazy on that food challenge i gave myself (trying at least a new thing/week) but, there are always little projects here and there. like the yoghurt, or new cake recepies.
this must be quite a prize winner,
todays dinner was a tortilla omelette with banana and chili sauce. yes it sounds not only weird, also disgusting, but, as a matter of fact, it was pretty damn tasty!!!!

yesterday was the day of risotto style pasta, yum yum...
perhaps i should change this into a food blog.
since that is still one of my favourite interests.
after that the option would be sex.
i think i will stick to simple life stories for a while.

Monday, October 22, 2007

farmer houswife goes dancer

yes, it is the first day of the week, and im reminded of my real profession again. my back is stuck, for the first time in a long time.... the nasty kind, when even laughing hurts, not to mention trying to pick up something from the floor (what happend to the bending through your knees technique??)

not even amazing shiatshu helped me. perhaps tomorrow will be experienced through a haze of voltaren?? or, perhaps my clever sister can teach me one or two things about pain???

Sunday, October 21, 2007

oh, and something else...

yes, we made an amazing thai dinner yesterday night, the tribute to our tour-dinner.... pad thai, green curry, som tam and fruit shakes. i even managed to find some old school thai music on youtube to go with it.
tonight, i feel more like a farmer housewife, baking bread and finally trying out the ART of making my own yoghurt...
i enjoyed to have a good old christian weekend!
goodnight, and have a great week!

liebe schwesteren

eller hur det nu stavas pa tyska,
egentligen skulle lova fa kitty klubban och anna mobilfjarilen (eftersom jag trodde att lova har en eriksson utan smyckeshal)
naja, det ar ju bara lite smastrunt.... dessutom har jag flera mobilfjarilar, sa anna du kan fa en annan och lova far en kosher parve lollie istallet!!!!!

p.s godisbloggen ar min nya favorit blogg, annars smyglaser jag garna lindas (b)loggbok. det far val racka???

you never know who you gonna meet...

a friend of mine is very fond of picking up hitchhikers here in israel. hitchhiking is very common here, even by lonesome girls sometimes.
however, it is always quite fascinating to hear the life stories of those strangers, and i guess for most people that enough will serve as an indication why one should avoid hitchhiking all together.

the other day my friend picked up a guy in the north of israel.
after the guy is settled next to him in the car, they start chatting. my friend ask's the man what he does (work, life, you name it) and the man answers 'i just got out of jail'.
my friend, quite shocked and perplex asks why he was in jail.
the guy answers 'i stabbed my wife with a screwdriver'.

anyhow, the conversation continued about how it happend (had something to do with his wife not liking the fact that he had a girlfriend), and wheter the guy would return home now (no), and if the prison isn't a hard place to be (no, you can lay all day in bed and play backgammon for the rest)

quite amazing what people are actually telling you, just like that, while catching a ride...

Friday, October 19, 2007

bad habits....

....i think i can say by now, that i finally got rid of one!!! which was cracking my knuckles!!!
i kicked off about a month ago, even more, during our tour in asia. not even sure how it happend...but it did.
still cracking any other possible joint though. can't be too good at once.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

me, a monster...

im walking around like a little thunder cloud these days. puffing out negativity once in a while, when i can't manage to keep it in ( i do try, i do...)
here are some of my reasons:
1. frustrating work process. lack of creativity. im not a idéspruta!!!
2. i got my period. it never helps.
3. my magic masseuse and reiki healer told me for the 2nd time that when she treats me, she get's the image from the tarot cards which is called schizofrenia!!!! hence, it just confirms that my personal instability is affecting all the rest.
4. im eaten by fleas. it itches like mad!!!

but, life is still beautiful,
and worthwhile,
of course....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

how about now???

18 degrees and a high sky, can that count as the beginning of autumn?
i feel like listening to nick cave, drinking red wine, eating soup and hiding under scarfs and blankets....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

perversions & obsessions

i find myself arranging my plates, pots, cups, glasses, cuttlery etc in an, according to me, aesthetically pattern in the drying reck.
and...taking pleasure in that.

am i normal???

everything is relative...

it starts to feel autumnlike when you don't want to walk barefeet on your stone tiles anymore.
and when it is abit chilly to sit outside with an afterwork coffe and chocolate session with yuko.
i know it might seem unfair, it is about 20 degrees right now.... i guess my autumn sensation is already built into my swedish genes, this morning i tried to put some ambient electronic music, which used to be perfect for my autumn moods in nl. however, israel is way too green and sunny for that kind of music. which means i can't sink into my melancholic, emo mood just yet...
still, i will have an autumn meal for dinner,
sweetpotatoe, lentils and coconut milk soup.

aroy mak mak as the thais would put it!

talking about those crazy thais, thursday night we are supposed to make a little tribute to our trip, by having a thai dinner... i miss the food!

enjoy your meal, bete avon, smaakeljik eten, smaklig maltid

tusen tack!!!

mina alskade systrar for kakor, bok, tidning osv. det ar SA mysigt och uppskattat att fa lite sverige smak!!!

sunday morning alone

it is quite a funny feeling waking up and not knowing where you are. even if it just lasts for a second, it is rather confusing! i guess this is the consequence of jumping from one guest house to the other the last while.

mamma and pappa left israel yesterday. i was low and blue all day because of that. farewells are not my favourite thing... and now, it feels very empty and silent again.
we had a very nice time though, only distracted by the fact that someone (who is now blessed with a bit worse karma than before) stole two bags from the trunk while we were stopping for lunch on the road.
which for now means, that again my blog will be without pictures, since my dear cam is stolen. so is my glasses, which might cause plenty of spelling mistakes since i can't really see what i write :)
and some other goodies.

however, it reminded me again how stuff is just stuff....and thank someone for that.

in sweden (vendel) it was 6 degrees in the morning, here it is 24... isn't that reason enough to come back, and quick????

how is the weather in ireland? and what about holland?

have a lovely day, you lucky christians who will be free today!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

if anyone wonders...

those photoshop looking clouds above are not fake
but actually captured above some weat field in vendel.
impressive, no?

it's been a hard days night

...when even pappa was swinging on the ga'aton dance floor...
here all three W'sons in action
i guess the red wine was a good inspiration for this eve. (fru A, this tray has mainly served wine until now, not a singel bulle with milk :(

and actually, it all started pretty descent....

tomorrow we will leave the country side for some city life in tel aviv and surroundings. i need to work abit inbetween though, not to forget...
natti natt

Monday, October 8, 2007

october '07

after about two months of i am again. trying to summarize my life for those who care. i know i lost all of my faithful readers (the two of them to be more exact), they might return, inshallah...
anyhow, i decided to write in english for a while, to make these life updates accesible to the non-swedish speaking friends of mine.
at this moment mamma and pappa are visiting in israel, which is very special! we spent the weekend in the dead sea, from where the pictures below are taken. stepping aside from the political situation here which sucks (well, not only here as a matter of fact), it is worth while visiting this place, if i haven't said so before...
i think pappa is already planning his next visit, which i guess means that israel passed the test.

anyhow, for now,
love and kisses to all of you,
i miss you!

yes, so many

september '07

...seems like a black whole by now. especially since my only photographic documentation was made with a throw away cam, ala old school, which i still didn't hand in to have the pic's developed.
anyhow, this month was spent in denmark, korea, china and thailand, touring with my job, which wasn't all peaches and cream but a very interesting experience and especially returning to thailand was melancholic and fun! met some of the people i used to spend time with back then, and bangkok felt homish after all those new cities we'd been to before.


august '07

i spent a week in lovely rotjeknor. that was the intense end of my vacation. good time with very good people. the netherlands might be grey and cold to some, but to me, oh so warm!!!

it has been so many years