Sunday, September 19, 2010



with all this flying, i decided to compensate by donating part of my earned salary here!


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

you are quite something. kol hakavod to you. and enjoy the remaining flights. despite. this is, afterall such an adventure for you.

Anonymous said...

Honestly; that's something I might have thought about doing - but probably wouldn't have. So many thoughts, so little action... My contribution is that I don't fly. Any longer. Look forward to see New York through your eyes :)

hanna-happenings said...

You are beautiful. Allt är ett.

sarapirat said...

trinsch, it simply depresses me how much harm it does. and this is the least i can do!

viilhvile, i wish i would fly less. one day, i will live closer. but to what, and to whom?

hanna, you are sweet! unity! ♥