Sunday, December 23, 2007






Thursday, December 20, 2007

nice and hot

10 degrees might seem lame to europeans, but believe me, if your house has the same temperature like outside, it ain't that lame anymore...
i have a few tricks and suggestions for those who have a hard time staying warm and cosy;

*add spices to your food which stimulates your internal heat like fresh ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, cardamom

*drink lukewarm water or hot tea with ginger, all day through

*make your own chai:

recepie for 4 cups appr. , (you can sift the spices and reuse them by adding milk and water again)

3 cups of water
4 cinnamon sticks
15 pods of whole cardamom (crush it)
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
3 tablespoons fresh ginger
8 cloves
(you can also add some black pepper)

4 tablespoons of black tea (optional)
2cups of milk

sugar/honey as you please

boil the spices in water for 10 min. add black tea and milk and cook it until boiling. strain the tea to avoid leaves and spices in your cup. add sugar/honey.


alternate the water while you shower between hot and cold water. this will get your blood circulation going and it will make you stay warm compared to taking a hot shower, which will give you instant heat but vanish just as quick again.

ciao for now!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i just decided

that i will accept my dust bunnies.
i made friends with dammråttorna!


this one is for you rhino,
it used to be my favorite, long time ago, especially the live version.

the clip is funny.



started this morning with 20 min of meditation.
observed my monkeys jumping about.
now i feel calmer.
today is a mandatory demonstration day. once again a long bus ride down to tel aviv, and then trying to convince the israeli government to give more money to the arts and culture, rather than most of it to the military etc. phew...

tonight i dreamt of frkn l and her friend n, weird as always in my dreams.

i wish whoever reads this a beautiful day.

Friday, December 14, 2007

improvised lucia

and finally

20.09 my little shrine, a tranquil moment at home

17.11 this is where the kibbutz ends, and the rest of the world starts

17.26 beautiful sky over haifa bay, and a tiny bit of moon

a day and an eve

16.30 our crazy costume lady

15.24 kcdc is getting sleepy

14.36 we find ways of entertaining ourselves

13.27 ...plenty of energy...

13.26 itzik goes wild on the lunchbreak

a day-continuation

13.15 lunchbreak in the 'greenroom'

12.40 lovely people in our rehersal space

11.08 cigarette break

10.43 my russian monroe , amazing pianist!

09.17 before class

Thursday, December 6, 2007


we are awaiting a storm. it will probably be quite a wild one. im looking forward to it. so magical here, the 'winter'.
yesterday i had a treatment with my physiotherapist, this body isn't so happy these days. anyhow, he just became a father of his fourth child, and he is working to feed six people. which means pretty damn hard. hence, when i arrived there at 9 (13 h after he started working), he was trashed. so i treated him with a massage and hot chocolate with whiskey.

hot chocolate with whiskey is a great invention for these cold days. an additional cigarette might make it just perfect..

Saturday, December 1, 2007

weekend illustrations

look a this piece of perfection i had for lunch, an organic avocado from 'my' kibbutz

red light district in my livingroom

we do have roads here

home sweet home

christmas pyssel


mission accomplished frkn L, even though this is probably the least cosy place in my home at the moment...

Friday, November 30, 2007

housefront update

fru A requested a few pics from my house, so here i can show you the beautiful window i got as a present from my neighbour, and how mormor's old grytunderlagg made a silly lamp very sweet, and my monster plant-the sweetpotatoe which didn't make it to my belly but became a part of my djungle.
and last but not least, my moccasins!


and another two

wow, it seems to be my lucky week! i got two more packages today, you guys are amazing!
another fjallraven, sunny yellow, which fits not only to my grand-grandmothers old robe (see pic)...
the candy from ireland was so sweet and tasty, and already finished.

for the rest, as you can see, im trashed but clean!
a tired miss aladdin (refering to my cute pants for those who might not get me)
who is also having a private rehersal tomorrow morning with her boss. even though it is weekend..

well, at least i will arrive there with a sweet belly and a sunny bag, thanks to lovely friends!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

alive in the livingroom

after i ate about a kilo of pasta (but with a very sophisticated seasoning), had a few frustrating phonecalls and surfed the net, i found some great music and turned my livingroom into a dancefloor. i was even joined by a jumpy bug, like a mix between a huge beatle and a cockroach, but i got the guards to take him outside again.

this place for sure beats the pub!


i recieved a package today, from my lovely family. such a treat!
books, christmas music, eco friendly christmas cookies (wow, amazing!) etc.

I LOVE YOU la familia, you saved my day and the adventsfika this weekend. actually i can't wait to play the cd.

i also got a kinderphoo from yuko. he is a bit squashed but very cute.

time to cook. all my senses are happy!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

oh, and this one is for you, pixie; of the onions actually survived. it came all the way from the netherlands to here, where it finally could root itself. nature will always be stronger!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

quite a day

i had noodles and wine for breakfast. a good way to start the day.

by the time that was finished, it was already getting dark, so yuko and i climbed the watertower for a greater view. we watched the sun set over the coast, and all the lights in the houses of haifa bay turning on. i think there might be fullmoon tonight aswell. anyhow, it was beautiful to sit there on top of the watertower, with a freezing ass talking about life and such.

i borrowed yukos camera, my abstinence was too strong. these are the three foreigners feeling a bit lost in the kibbutz on a saturday night.

Friday, November 23, 2007

en halv pava rött och mrs morente

that has been the theme for this friday evening. and plenty of phonecalls.

there seem to be alot of emotions in the air, and not only mine.

i already ordered an agenda on the net (i deserve abit of respect cause of that, always being too late and rather unorganized), 2008 might become very exciting, and im just preparing myself for that.

im planning to give my blog a christmas wintery outfit, one of these days, that's the reason for those lost hearts on the top.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i wanted to bake a savory kind of muffin the other day, with cornflour.
usually, i never fail while baking, but i have to admit that those muffins weren't successful.
however, im totally against throwing food which is eatable. so yesterday, i crumbled them into a pot and made a polenta out of them.

it worked.

moccasins i love you!

finally the weather is starting to fit my mood. it is getting there...
tonight we had such an intense storm that for the first hours, i was doubting the war might have started again. (the kind of associations that are not overexaggerated, but legitimate for the north of israel) the storm was followed by heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

finally i can wear my moccasins. and stockings.

yesterday, being a little bit moody at work, i realized that it would be healthier for the jewish calendar to find a reason to celebrate a long holiday around x-mas time. it would benefit both the employer and the employee, having the space to get rid of whatever built up frustration, rather than accumulating it until the summer.

im about to go down to the south for a performance, 4 hours in the bus, and probably no more autumn/winter mood once i arrive, but relatively warm desert wind.

life is dynamic!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

that's me

talking to yuko about the kibbutz life, we both realized a few things. for her, our very humble salary and other specific conditions, has changed her way of living alot. for instance, choices of how to decorate her home.
we both seem to keep in mind the consequences of this gypsie life style, we invest less, since we might leave sooner or later.
so, she, for instance, bought less stuff for her home, and most of the things that are there she got from people, and she didn't choose it.

me, on the other hand, always lived abit like that. i choose the things, but usually they where still second hand from other people, or i found them on the street. (oh, those lovely squatter days!)
that is just a preference, a taste.

i might leave one day, and every now and then, i look around my little kibbutz appartment, and wonder how in 1 1/2 year it managed to somehow become mine? and what will i get rid of, and what will be part of the selected 20kg?

my neighbour just moved, and once again im left with someones history to pick and choose from, furniture, lamps, kitchen utensils, you name it...
in one day i am upgraded with: a bedside lamp (which has def. been lacking)
a beautiful handmade stainglass window (which his mother made, that on its own made me too sentimental) cushions which will be great to shanti lay on the livingroom floor with. etc etc.

for my specific perversion, this collectors mentality combinded with a rootless gypsie soul,
it is for sure a good thing that unlike in the netherlands, kibbutz people don't just put out their thrown away goods on the street.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

one of those mornings

i slept too little. woke up with my feet outside the blanket, sort of half frozen.
my shower drainage was stuck, hence all the water kept coming back into this tiny space. so, half naked i needed to start opening up the drainage with a screwdriver, dig my hands into it and fish out whatever you can find down there.
after that, i manage to break the bottom part of my shower djungle (i have a little plant in the shower, extremely handy!) and the floor is covered with wet soil.

such housewife comics going on over here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


today we had a meeting with our general manager. about money. about contracts. about conditions. now, im supposed to be one of the spokesmen of the dancers. trying to communicate with a man who won't say a word in english throughout the entire meeting which lasted about two hours. two hours of bureaucratical hebrew. but mainly consisting of blabla.
and on top of that, a man who obviously doesn't share the same fundamental believe as i, or most of the other dancers, have.

it ain't peaches and cream being a dancer.
but there are way more terrible things in life, not to forget.

and afterwards i went down to 'the city for fun lovers' (a k a nahariya) and had a great latte with cheesecake.

because im worth it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

i did it

my saturday was a computer free day. no emails, no blogging, no chatting. nada! and i managed. actually it was a very nice day. also friday was at least a internet poor day.
there where plenty of other, great stuff to do. reading my book (arnes kiosk, thank you fru a and frkn L), having a saturday brunch ala yemenite style, baking crackers and watching the sunset.

now, im going to work.

longer weekends for the people!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

how about some candy?

is it simply biology kicking in, telling my body to store some reserves for the coming winter?

im not sure about the reason, but i would die for some LöSVIKTSGODIS (without gelatine)!

i've already went through a few chocolate bars the last few days (new favourite flavours: lemon meringue and creme brulé), petit beurre cookies with butter, sour apple name it.

they've got plenty of goodies here, but oh svenskaland, nothings beats LöSVIKTSGODIS


i went to the pub in my pyjama. that's how it is to live in a kibbutz. im not sure wheter to laugh or to cry?

(of course i know, plus it is always an advantage not needing to get changed once you return, tired and tipsy)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


this morning while showering, i realized that it isn't that common to have a window in your shower (read no frosted glass or such), but very nice.
whenever i shower i have the view of my garden, many trees and plants, the sky, the sun.
being quite tall though, i also realized that my neighbours are probably very familiar with my nipples by now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

we all deserve

to take the time to roast some nuts and sesame seeds for our breakfast yoghurt.

(first i wanted to write have the time, then i realized that it is more a question of taking and creating the time)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

not the magic ones, but still...

today i recieved a letter from the lowlands, with dried mushrooms that will make a tasty dish one of these nights... thank you so much kookxp! ik hou van je!

there is simply nothing like good old snail mail!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

what each wo/man needs

i hate shopping. never find what i need. never have the patience to search, and walk in and out of the dressing room, clothes off, clothes on.

and if i by chance find nice stuff, it is usually when i havn't got enough money, and when i've got the money, then i just don't stumble upon the right things. murphys law i guess.

well, i found my rescue!

his name is amit, and he knows exactly what i like! most of the new stuff i got since i moved to israel was found by him. the other night i went to the second hand store in the kibbutz. i was more or less just walking around chatting to the people and reading recepies, until he gave me a few things to try on that he found. as usual i bought all of the things he gave me...

now, that is the way i like it, shopping without making any effort!!

great way to start the weekend...

check out this link, you guys remember 'hatt baby'????

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


en prinsess-slotts-tarta! smakar formodligen bara socker och E-nummer. men det ar tanken som raknas....