Monday, October 31, 2011

födelsedagsflicka ♥

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lilla, stora fröken h, grattis på födelsedagen älskade du! önskar jag vore där på ditt kalas… kramar från moster sara.

my sisters daughter is having her birthday today. the little girl is growing bigger, time flies! happy happy birthday.

Friday, October 28, 2011


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yes, another month is behind us. i am happy to have seen some autumn colors while being in switzerland. back here i slipped right into my dresses and flipflops again. autumn is just a more pleasant form of summer over here. november means another shift, giving up this apartment and sailing freely for a while again. what are you planning for month nr 11?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

to answer your question


i spent an approximate of 25 euros on chocolate, so yes i am indulging and not only on cheese fondue. i also saw two turtles on the way to the theater yesterday. and i woke up bathing in blood this night, from a bleeding, dry nose. it looked like i murdered someone in the bed. life is full of unexpected moments, as you can see…

for the rest, i always seem to miss out bern when i am here. this cold leaves me spending most of my time in the bed or at the theater. but hey, it could always be a lot worse! and we are not victims after all!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

brief note

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it happens again that i loose track of time, perhaps the frisk air and the different sensations of a new place does that, confuses your perspective on time.

today we left to bern. and i had my cheese fondue that i have longed for so long. i needed to get used to it, and once i did, i enjoyed a lot.

but now i am sleepy sleepy and with a soar throat to rest. sweet dreams to all of you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

blustery day

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from skimpy summer dresses to long johns and gloves in one day. i completely lost my sense of temperature, can not imagine anymore what one should wear when it is around 6 degrees and raining. so yesterday was spent drinking hot chocolate, watching the knitter, and loosing track of time and space with the umbrella girl, all while trying to stay warm warm warm. today i walked with a strawberry and a bunch of colorful sneakers through hail and sun in zürich, got back to my body in a beautiful theater and laughed until my belly was aching. greetings from heidiland!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ingen vila, ingen ro

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the ouzo hardly left my blood and i am already packing my bag again to go to switzerland. to inhale some fresh crisp autumn air. to eat some cheese fondue. *this has been my plan every time i went to switzerland, so far never realized* and to perform of course. but before that i have approximately a million and three things to arrange.

a few days ago, this lovely bunch of kids put a blanket on the grass and shaded it with a few umbrellas and invited us for massage and hair treatments. i left with a lot less hair and looking a little bit like the singer in Kiss, but it was worth it, no doubt…

Sunday, October 16, 2011

many cups of ouzo later

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…and it became difficult to keep my hand steady while picturing. there was a strike on the airport and i found my salvation in the nursery room where there was electricity for my laptop. today i still felt the ouzo haze until the moment i met this crazy austrian friend of mine who invited me for a very worthwhile dinner with whiskey and interesting stories. hence adding a whiskey haze to the ouzo cloud… but do not worry, i will only drink herbal tea tomorrow.

lately life is very surprising and spontaneous. today i had a couple of very good conversations. i feel happy to be able to communicate verbally, then again i recently experienced the freedom and intuitive interaction that can be created when there isn’t a common language to use. after that experience followed the realization that we spend so much time calculating and analyzing the value behind the words that are said. and upon that valuation, we plan and act. rather than just reacting based on our feeling. does that make any sense? perhaps it is the ouzo affecting my writing tonight.

Friday, October 14, 2011


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with love from greece. where everyone is broke but still smiling. piles of trash and abandoned dogs in every corner. an endless amount of cars. and pastry shops. the staff of the theater where we performed have not been paid for the last couple of months, but for the love and respect of their profession they still come to work everyday. i say wow!

now i am going out to explore the streets some more. and eat a lot of delicious food. and have some ouzo. (but i will wait some hours for that, don’t worry).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011



i didn’t plan to go a concert and arrive back home one hour before leaving to the airport. but this is what life brought me and it was amazing, dancing in trance… so i need to get going. cause greece is calling. what could fit better than this song? love and thoughts to you all.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

take your time

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taste your food, eat in silence, write a handwritten letter, wait patiently in line to buy a stamp, clear your thoughts, take a walk, smell the air, collect things and flowers along the roadside, listen to the details of a song in your earphones, listen again, and one more time, until you learn the lyrics, make a headstand, feel the blood rush from your feet, collect your courage to dare to ask that question, sit down, do nothing, rest your hands in your lap, walk a street you have never walked before, make something from scratch, fix the hole in a broken sock, let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth without chewing it, put a hand on someone’s arm while talking to them, smile to someone you meet on the street, give yourself a facial massage, read up about a subject you have always been interested in, take your time, feel, breathe.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

six o’clock morning beach walk

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some of the most beautiful things in life are for free. this becomes even more obvious when you are struggling with tax offices and similar. and no matter how much it would drain an already somewhat empty well of mine, at least i am healthy and alive, still!

rachel, i thought about you while walking on the beach, collecting pieces of glass and shells, and later in the night after reading your last post i decided not to add to your collection!