Monday, May 28, 2012

can’t see the forest

Picture 153  Picture 169 Picture 177 Picture 010Picture 148

for the trees? for the new born’s? for the overdose of cherries?

Friday, May 25, 2012

cherry mania

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Picture 104

Picture 129

it has been a very cherry week. isn’t it bizarre that it is cheaper to leave the cherries on the trees (to rot) rather than paying people to pluck it, and then selling it? well, that is apparently the case this season, so me and my friends were offered to pluck and collect as much as we wanted. i am slightly purple these days. my clothes are stained. and i meditate while removing pit after pit after pit…

lately i have been thinking a lot about our relationship to money. what a loaded topic it can become. the purest form of work i have ever done, are all work that did not pay me in money. with pure, i mean a harmonic balance of giving and taking,  and a feeling of mutual appreciation and respect.  more and more, i try to find solutions to gain without involving cash. bartering works really well. i will photograph someone’s pottery and i will get ceramic works in change. i babysit my friends babies (which feels like hanging out with a very good, but much younger friend, hence lots of fun) and my friends drive me to work (no driving license means slightly immobile at times) i will bake loafs of bread for someone and they will teach me how to work with photoshop. i will do tiling and mud plastering and someone give me driving lessons. etc etc etc. more bartering for the people! more DIY!

if you drop by i will treat you with a cherry pancake-cake, or yoghurt with cherry jam…

Monday, May 21, 2012

22.22, again

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what happened with the kony campaign? will there be another earthquake as predicted? and who’s playing with my laptop?

i am making long lists and doing mud plastering again. getting a little bit better. practice makes,if not perfect than at least, better. lately, i am also betting on things quite often (e.g whether kindergarten is spelled with a t or a d, and who is singing ‘je t’ aime mon non plus’ with serge gainsbourg), loosing some and winning others. (lost: a home made cheesecake and won:brownies and a dinner) bets are great fun. makes life even more exciting.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

tasty reds

 Picture 001Picture 002

italy was full of them, tasty colors. (even though the cherries on the picture looked more than they tasted, however the moment of sitting on a bench in the sun, eating cherries will thinking, was marvelous)  and yesterday i spontaneously arrived at a fruit orchard where they offered us to pluck as many cherries as we wanted. dark purple, juicy, sunwarm cherries. ate loads, collected some, and today i am making a pot of jam.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


im trying to get back on track on a friends happy,mini computer. not sure what i post or how it looks like. but here is torino. had a nice performance, tasty food, sunny skies and open thoughts. last time i was in torino i came there hitchhiking from belgium with two friends. we missed our flight to pisa and where so determined to get to italy that we decided try our luck. and we were pretty lucky are you all?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

shedding a tear or two

my computer got stolen yesterday. four years of photography, the majority of it not backed up, is most likely gone with the wind. not to mention all the letters, and the music and...and...and... so much emotional value for me, and a relatively small sum of money for the one who stole it. it makes me think about how our things can end up owning us. a huge lesson in letting go, and putting things into perspective. and more than ever, i am thankful for the tiny tip of the iceberg which i documented here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


_MG_1979 _MG_1974

try your wings. leave your comfort zone. fly freely.

wishing you all a beautiful saturday. ♥

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may may


plucking clover for the goats, playing the trusting game with my students, hiking up the mountains and documenting more bellies. many shades of grey, black and white although may is so very colorful. i had too much coffee this morning and i am a little bit on the late side. so goodbye for now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

a month and two days


he finally has a name, makes the most amazing facial expressions and likes to join us when we herd the goats. i am wondering if as a swedish god mother i should teach him some swedish? time flies, and i don’t get much blogging done. however, i am still alive and kicking.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

@the studio in the book of life


adding to the new challenges, i think this is the beginning of a new chapter. but who keeps track of all those new chapters *more or less minor/major* that we start? in the end they all just sum up in that big life quilt we are stitching.