Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I went down and up and down again


14.10 no delayfontänkängor

getting ready for november and the polish winter. there are so many things to observe and so many things to experience. a vast life all in all.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

more on the same theme

vägskälrainbowvägskäl 3

a rainbow at six o’clock in the morning. a beautiful start of the morning.

and now, a new week,finally starting the course in buddhism that I have been longing for, and once again getting back to the studio and rehearsing before leaving to italy and poland. busy bee countryside bee, take it easy in the big city, bright lights.


Friday, October 26, 2012

and then came the rain


wet and green and some yellows on the withering cherry tree. eating homemade halumi cheese with homegrown veggies on a toast. i am happy about the rain and thinking about/analyzing my dreams. and singing a long-distance birthday song for my mother.

may it be a healthy, peaceful weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

october green


here october is still green. and passing by very quickly. somewhere in between a thousand smaller and bigger things, I took a part of a sweet potato plant and created a mini-jungle. the will to survive is stronger than anything, after two days it already created enough roots to be replanted. nature never stops impressing me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

the woman

the woman 1the woman 3the woman 2the woman 4the woman 6the woman 5

long time ago…sometime in may, before my computer was stolen, i met this woman. i had my eyes on her for a couple of weeks, coming and going to this park close to a main road in the center of tel aviv, putting up her camp side under the shade of a tree. each time i saw her i was tempted to talk to her, but usually too shy, but finally one day i did, and i asked if i can take her photo. it was a nice session…she spoke a lot.

since then i never saw her again, and the park feels somewhat deserted.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

once again, disconnected

david bw

…no computer, hence no internet, but instead: spending a lot of time with this little man. giving his parents some time to sleep or to get on top of things again,

froggy prince

listening to a choir of frogs singing at random hours,

patrice huis

receiving wonderful snailmail from the lowlands and this wonderful woman, among other goodies this beautiful wooden home to always carry with me,

tea poetry

and some tea poetry (life is only one thing: identifying yourself) to go with the yummy dutch cookies,


making spicy sauce with homegrown chilies and cilantro,


cleaning up the mess with this very amusing assistant,


and trying to photograph a scorpion hiding inside a lampshade, thought it turned out pretty artistic.

scorpio 2

can you see him now?

is there anyone out there? i feel disconnected. life is full of paradoxes. letting go of the virtual world means arriving in reality. love to you all and happy to be back!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

sunday early

sunrise walk 2 lian&david  sunrise teaofer with the binocularssunrise tea with davide

after a highfly night of no sleeping but discussions, stories, hugs, dancing and feeling close with wonderful friends we went to see the sunrise.

i have been wishing for something similar for a while now. something that shakes us out of routine and patterns. and it came.

the past couple of days i read random quotes from the tao te ching, like this one this morning:

what is rooted is easy to nourish. what is recent is easy to correct. what is brittle is easy to break. what is small is easy to scatter’

have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

without moving too far


knitting project the pumpkinglossary  foxskittles two 

all those snapshots of little moments happening right next to you, or in front of your eyes.

i wish i could have photographed the situation when i was herding about 12 goats on my own in the forest and we all of a sudden stood face to face with a HUGE wild boar.we were so extremely close, only about 6 meters apart and i am not exaggerating when i say she was the biggest wild animal i have ever seen in my life, in its natural environment that is. time freezes and your blood starts boiling. all there is is you, the boar, the goats, the sky, the trees, here and now. i was more excited than scared this time. perhaps because i had 12 goats to protect (or rather the other way around, they were most likely the ones protecting me) after a few moments of stillness, i managed to get the herd with me, and only 10 minutes later i saw the boar again, in another part of the forest. took me a good couple of hours to relax from all that adrenaline. according to the indians, a wild boar is supposedly symbolizing the confrontation with your inner truth. counting all my encounters from the past months it seems my inner truth is trying to tell me something. hoho boars, would you please leave me a clue?!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tuesday morning nostalgia


doilyold daysshady 

thinking about older days, a charming balcony, a messy garden, an abandoned house which got a new life, stories and meetings, a green wall and huge windows, a place full of treasures. perhaps one day i could show you some of those waybeforemydigitalcamera-photos.


wishing you a sweet day, peace&hugs.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

big and small people

tvnm&jelina&erikin kiel harborwille@friendsanapd&band all that jazza&j                

people are beautiful.

i would like to dive inside of your mind and heart from time to time.