Sunday, August 31, 2008

kiev 22.34

i first spent about an hour in the passport control, speaking to a swede who explained me that this is ukraine.....
then, after such a long security check (the dude has now seen all my vacation photos aswell as spoken to my boss-all to make sure im not about to commit any crime),
the woman in the check in counter thought i was from ukraine (without me knowing) and kept searching for a visa which was not yet expired. until the security dude told her what i already kept trying, that i am from the european union, and that i DO NOT need a visa to enter into IL.


but still, i have enough time to kill to internet at the gate.
and to say that of course, i already miss you all.
those farewells, they get a bit harder each time, i feel.

kisses and love

Thursday, August 28, 2008

impressions of the last days

25-8 we went for a roadtrip with the sisters. in search for flea markets and coffee places.

26-8 in stockholm, we saw traces of the graffiti knitters, or whatever they are called

27-8 'bodies in urban space', a dance walk through the city

27-8 gamla stan from it's prettiest

27-8 the survivors, behind the sock!

Friday, August 22, 2008


the butterfly and the rose is adding to the value and experience...


frkn l and fru a:
what about our roadtrip including flea markets on monday the 25th?
and frkn l, are you booked after the performance the 26th and on the 27th during the day?

im trying to arrange my last week as smoothly as possible. please get back to me about this asap!


a few more

kiss in the bar

climbing those swizz mountains. reward: lake

turtle doves

the first night, we made a tent *koja* for me to sleep in

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

la familia

it is so nice here
but i also miss you,

no words

simply lovely

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

greetings from gallen

i am in gallen land with sweetest miss pink and her crew,
and im sending you all greetings.
frkn l, i hope you feel better today. and remember, most of the time, we do the best we can, for that moment. that is important!

i will update with photos when i have the chance.
and, i think im reachable by sms, just i can't sms, if you want to communicate something very quickly!

dikke zoen

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1-0 to me!!!

well, after many phone calls, a few arguments, my brain using some simple logic,
my ticket is back to when i booked it.

problem not solved,
but at least my vacation is saved,
with dignity!

but still...

*thanks to mr c/the photographer for the lovely morning+picture* and this is how beautiful the women of österby are* dad cutting the grass* a heritage from my mum?
* cardamom coffee in the finjan/dallah/ibrik*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


and todays surprise (after lovely morning with mini roadtrip in great company),
the company had the guts to change my ticket, without even consulting with me before.
so did my travel agent! can you believe that???!!!!!!!!!

i am so upset. i didn't know i could get like this,
already barked/screamed at 2,5 people via the phone in less than an hour.
now, im slightly sweaty and exhausted!!!

and mr octopus, thank you for being mr fix it! xxx

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


my work is asking me to return from my vacation earlier, cause they didn's sort out their buisiness (working permits etc.) on time. again.
i couldn't sleep for hours yesterday, turning around in rage, writing imaginary letters in my mind.
now, tonight, with the help of findus, who is always amazing with these kinda bureaucratic letters, i wrote a very clear-here goes my boarder-letter. spiced with a little bit of anger. a little bit of dignity. and a little bit of good will ('let us find another solution' ) baha.

and now, im too much of a pussy to send it...

update: 23.Xx h, of it went. i sent it! phew....

only a synagogue missing, and perhaps a few temples

tiny bits of sweden

vykorts sverige

vykorts föräldrar

vykorts telefonkiosk

vykorts sensommar himmel

vykorts hallon

a few pics from our lovely roadtrip to dalarna.

Friday, August 1, 2008

on stage

real time



real time


the stage in central park

rami on stage, with his cellphone of course..

me on stage

crowd starts to enter