Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tea party..

..all alone. with my enamel cup, !red with hearts!, that i found in italy, jasmine tea and candles.

cosy. gezellig. mysigt. naim.

home sweet home

last stop; padova, lovely...such nice place. but i am happy to be back 'home', even just for a few days.
came home to a dirty home, but my garden, oh bliss, and a summer packet from miss pink with among other great things this cd which i am listening to right NOW:

had quite alot of those the last couple of days. (but this one made by els)

and ode to her dinners i m making bean dips, and quinoa salad italian style...

oy, it is good to be back in my own kitchen. the ritual of cooking slowly, preparing my own food is something i fully appreciate after two weeks of dining out. which is also a pleasure, when whoever cooked did it from the heart.
still without camera, so these are old pics, and the two first from the net.

bon appetite!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


tankte precis gora det dar ' testet' som fru a gjorde i forra inlagget. men sen kom det dar med fem olika jobb man har haft... nae, jag tror jag skippar!

look what the cat brought in???

oh, i more or less missed out on all of what milano is supposed to be like. tried to find a restaurant with a risotto milanese, but so far i only had one in zagreb..(yes, of all places)
but today i saw the huge, impressive cathedral of milano, and i walked abit in downtown, downtown. well, what can i say, amazing architecture, but not my cup of tea. all that louis vitton, consumption to its maximum, i felt like a ragdoll, but in the end of the day, i guess i prefer that to -fashionslave?
anyhow, tomorrow morning we pack our bags and go to padova. it seems more authentic, which suits me. i promised myself an early eve, but here i am, it is a quarter to three, i had italian beers and philosophical talks instead of sleeping.
bonna notte!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


before the tour i wrote down a few keywords for what is important while touring. just to keep in mind. somewhat like affirmation.
anyhow, i wrote down : patience, acceptance and keep it small. all of them extremely relevant.
halfway through this tour i realized what needed to be added: fibres!!!
i always wondered what goes wrong with my diet while touring, and thought that it had to do with more carb's, and as a matter of fact NO,
it is the decreased intake of fibres which is screwing up my system.
any suggestion for high fibre intake, easy to find all over the world?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

la bella vita...

this time greetings from milano. we already passed through reggio emilia, how picturesque... the rain poured down, but still! the stage was so steep, we almost fell of it. oh well!
now im thinking perhaps i should move to italy? =)

i ate plenty of good food, just before this internet session (with some italian dude waiting around the corner for the computer to be free) i had yoghurt and green apple gelato. oy oy oy!

and for the rest, we had plenty of free time until now, but the last six days of this tour will be more hectic and active. the coming two days we perform in milano, and by now the tour starts to feel quite loooooooooooong, looking forward for my short mini vacation back 'home', before packing my bags again.

ciao for now!

Friday, May 16, 2008


sitting in a smoky internet cafe somewhere in budapest. they play all the forgotten semi hits from the 80. having troubles with this funny key board. the z is a y and the y is a z, and there is no zero to be found, only ö and ü and ó ...
anzhow, did a great deal of walking in this pretty place. the weather is lovely, the trees are so green and lush.
tomorrow we consider to rent bikes, and to keep exploring this place before leaving to italy.

what is saluhall in english? anyone knows?

good night!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

tour updates

just arrived in budpest, after a few lovely days in zagreb, with meeting friends, enjoying, aswell as performing.
on the way from israel to here, my camera got stolen, hence no more picture illustrations for a while to come (can't seem to be very lucky with my gadgets, but i do remember it is all just material goods, material goods...)

now, i just found out that bones is sick, so im crying and worried, and will get out now to look for a phone.

hope you are all well,

Friday, May 9, 2008

working on it

being an aunt on a distance is not so easy. mainly im too far away and uninvolved. but, today once i finished packing, i started to make something for the coming addition
oy, so exiting, who will it be, and when???
i hope this little project will be more successful than h's blanket, which was definitely made from the heart, but, oh well...



yuko with tomtebloss

also beautiful when they are dead.

today i am getting prepared for this coming tour, two and a half weeks... im starting to get a hang of packing, finally, i do it quicker, and without being as hesitant as before. and, i learned to bring little things that makes gypsie life more homie, such as incense, candles, tea, and my foldable cup *which became my trademark somehow*
anyhow...still im a little bit of a time optimist as usual. hence, blogging should be avoided.

wish you a great weekend,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

not just tanned

ah, the shiatsu dude also told me my palms and feet are getting a slight orange tint.
from all the carrots i eat.
it might be true!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

pirate treasures

i had such an intense shiatsu session tonight, mainly focusing on my stomach. oh, it is quite an intense experience to have my belly touched so deeply, i can truly recommend it. after having your liver point squeezed a few minutes and then released, it seems like your stomach is a balloon which won't stop to inflate. i even started to laugh in the middle of the session because of that,
and when my kidney points where squeezed (which was rather painful to begin with) and then released, i felt more as if something was about to explode.
and after the treatment, my lower back was less painful and my stomach spacious.

there's plenty of stuff hiding in there....

may oh may

i made a few pillow cases. (i will make a good house wife one day)

look at this huge praying mantis! he's guarding my plant from lice.

dead sea mud spa in ga'aton

yuko the dragon

fur balls...

this will be our last week in the studio before the next tour. croatia, hungary and italy. im looking forward to meet some newly found friends in those places. and eat good food...

this morning i managed to walk into the wall, yes, i did. and now i have another ball on my upper lip, which hopefully won't turn into scar tissue as the other one. i tried to picture it, but the macro wouldn't let me.

thank you r for the small version of the eye picture!