Saturday, December 31, 2011


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one of the best things with 2011 was meeting so many different, beautiful people. looking through my photos, i find a huge collection of unknown faces from random meetings and plenty of portraits of close friends or people in my surroundings. it made me very happy to look at them again. so i decided to make a yearly summary of faces. most people are missing here though. perhaps i will make another one.

happy new year. thank you for 2011. i think of so many people today, people i haven’t spoken to in a while, people i haven’t seen in a while, people i still haven’t met and hope to meet one day, people i spend plenty of time with, and i love so many of you, so very much! suck it up, please do…

Thursday, December 29, 2011

before the summary

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marilyn used to live in my garden in rotterdam, back in the days. today she is gardening the garage and the pelargonium of my parents. time flies while i am here and we are about to end the month and enter a new year. not just any year. what do you think will happen in 2012? what are your fears and what are your dreams?


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

…and then some swedish delight

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it looks a little bit like eatable clouds on these pictures but actually the snow is rather grey and wet by now. still delightful to me.

i am listening to arabic christmas songs, they are my favorite. two worlds combined in one. the arabic version of jingle bells is hilarious, it sounds like they sing ‘lelijke eend’, which means ‘ugly duck’ in dutch, or what do you say dutchies?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

somewhere between europe and asia

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yesterday morning i left the middle east, spent a few good hours jumping between europe, asia and back again to finally arrive in the cold north.

it is so bizarre to travel at this speed. watching the sunrise in tel aviv, being treated like a queen for lunch in istanbul and having glögg with my parents at midnight in uppland.

i am thinking that soon enough, we might not have this option anymore… but let’s not talk about this now. anyhow, it was a day sweet as turkish delight and i am so happy to be here and there and here again.

P.S and i can't help but thinking that rather than seeing the usual phallic shape everywhere, in turkey there are plenty of breast inspired shapes... nice for a change!

Friday, December 16, 2011

gifts x 3


i am spending the last couple of day making gifts. and while making, also receiving some. like julias collection of surprises with the sweetest smell *and taste*, already penetrating through the envelope and filling the postbox with a cloud of happy scent. made me so very happy!

did you know that the petals or stigmas of the flower on the second picture is what you make saffron from? saffron must be my favorite spice of all. in five days i hope to eat a bunch of swedish buns with saffron. and that there will be plenty of snow by then.

i also had my first pottery class this week and worked some more in the carpentry. i hope i earned enough to buy myself some winter shoes. since dried out wellingtons are not water proof no more and sneakers won’t do the job in the north.

enjoy your weekend guys! love and thoughts to all of you♥

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



we are just a few days before the shortest day of the year. there’s something very special about these days. as soon as the daylight disappears i feel exhausted. and at 8pm it seems like it is in the middle of the night. on the other hand things are moving. changing. i feel creative.

i hope all energy craving swedes *and others* got some warmth and light today on lucia. this holiday always makes me a tiny bit nostalgic and melancholic. i have said so before, it seems. sweden, i am so excited about coming!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

random, not yet shared

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pictures pictures pictures pictures. i never get bored. or sometimes i do, but then somehow, without me understanding how, it comes back like a wave of desire to either photograph or to watch photographs. my hard disc and my external hard disc is getting crowded, at a rapid pace. and then, next to this unreasonable passion of mine, there’s that other voice in me, wondering what i try to achieve by grasping all these moments of life?

oh well, another dear friend of mine is mr.duality. walking in my shoes. wearing my clothes. eating my food. and i am trying accept his presence.

goodnight. lots of love and acceptance. amen.

Saturday, December 10, 2011



my favorite flower is back again. and my favorite holiday is coming right up. i was baking ginger breads with my friend the potter and we realized it is so close to pottery, working the dough, shaping it and later glazing it. she will teach me pottery this week!

and my favorite inspirational entertainment right now is watching the human planet series. brings proportion into my life. and yet another wish for simplicity and a camper…if anyone is interested in watching it, i can create a dropbox account for you and put them online, one by one. just leave me a comment with your email! 

kisses and love♥