Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a few more

afternoon sun reflection

nachos dinner

me frustrated

another lovely, those sunsets...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

passed the test

a friend of mine told me today that the swedish musician plura (eldkvarn) said something along the lines that you haven't lived if you haven't pickled beet root. now, i can proudly say: i have lived!

fighting gravity?

'new' (2nd hand) favorite dress

saturday night movie at the french house

a few useful things i'd like to learn:

* how to grow my own vegetables

* how to make fire

* telepathic sms'ing

* the personal pronouns of hebrew

* how to sew myself a dress (well i could, but a neat one)

all those girls

on our way to tel aviv, forward and back

our fatima

me talking to mamma!

have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

semi urban adventure

we entered an abandoned mill in the outskirts of haifa. i like my little balcony!

today: @ 8.22> 29 degrees in the shade. it will be another sweaty day in the studio. get ready for the summer!

a bit of pesach

*pesach was quite an experience. if you do the whole thing, it will take a few couples of hours from sitting at the table until you actually start eating. you read the haggada, drink an amount of blessed wine, eat all those symbolic stuff etc etc. i was quite amazed of how much i do remember from the religion classes i had as a 7 year old. all those curses the jews got for instance: the flies, the frogs, the blood, the storm, the first born son, the plague etc etc...*

and still, no beer nor bread to be had in the supermarkets, a few more days to go....

*the acoustic night, which has become our new tradition. with my guitar which no one really knows how to play nor to tune. still, it sounds pretty good! and its fun...*yuko the raisin* organic tomatoes (i love you!) with those eatable flowers*ruby and bones in jafo* lovely middle eastern style house*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a little bit of text

no pictures this time...
i will have a long weekend (but a busy such) cause of pesach. most likely i will be going urban. wish me luck!
yesterday was a lovely evening, after work i went to our little second hand shop which was finally open again (always manage to find plenty of more and less useful stuff there), then i went to an improvisation session, and danced, jumped and screamed like a wild child. i was soaked afterwards. (around 30 degrees the last few days) and very pleased....
*important to remind myself what i love about dancing when the routine gets too strong*
then, i made myself an amazingly tasty pasta, had a wine while packing, and collapsed in bed at eleven. *eleven>seven thirty is more restful than twelve>eight thirty, go figure*

i will even have enough positivity from yesterday to bring with me today to the studio.
wish you all a lovely weekend,
remember: no yeast, no beer etc. etc. :)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

time passes

*beach and good time with yuko*angeldress*carmel market, after the friday rush*amit the driver*

enjoy april!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hell, i don't mind to share...

usually, i think my sweat smells like fresh baked bread (not bad, huh?!)
today, in a improvisation session, it smelled like celery!

(i ate some lately, is it possible that it perfumed my body odor?)

post tour

*i had plenty of dustbunnies when i arrived home, and i gave my house a well needed spring cleaning session*this weekend was mainly spent in the golan, with wild pigs, gazelles, and lovely, lush nature*

pippi for purim

Purim (Hebrew: פורים Pûrîm "lots") is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the JewishPersian Empire from Haman's plot to annihilate them, as recorded in the BiblicalBook of Esther (Megillat Esther). According to the story, Haman cast lots to determine the day upon which to exterminate the Jews. people of the ancient

Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew calendar on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, the day following the victory of the Jews over their enemies; as with all Jewish holidays, Purim begins at sundown on the previous secular day.

Purim is characterized by public recitation of the Book of Esther (keriat ha-megilla), giving mutual gifts of food and drink (mishloach manot), giving charity to the poor (mattanot la-evyonim), and a celebratory meal (se'udat Purim);[1]

other customs include drinking wine, wearing of masks and costumes, and public celebration.

(*text from wikipedia*)