Wednesday, August 31, 2011

and here


how about some coexistence? seems like we are having issues with that one on different levels.

i found some more ducks. these ones look slightly mad. and except for that i have been working as a painter in a woodshop for two full days. painting pieces of wood that later will become a yurt, which is one of my dream ‘houses’. there is a very special energy in a place which is round and not square, like we are used to. anyhow, it is a very good change for me to work with my hands for a couple of days. these somewhat repetitive and not too complicated tasks are great to empty your head with. later i was doing some sewing and grinding too, and it reminded me that there are plenty of fun stuff to do in this world except for dancing. do you know what you would love to do or what you would love to try if you wouldn’t do what you are doing?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


IMG_3579 IMG_3580

hey guys, i am going to a wedding tomorrow, and i seem to have suppressed the fact that one is supposed to dress up for those events… luckily i found a bag of old dresses under my bed (!), now the question is, which one should i wear? or none of them? please be honest and help a not-so-lady- like lady to make the best out of the situation!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

random se & nl

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*i seem to forget i have this blog*i crave rice and vegetables all the time since i am back*i enjoyed this book so very much*i made four jars of pear jam yesterday*once again i fell in love with al pacino in this old movie*i dream of traveling to japan (again)and india*i was thrilled to read about your preferences of living either alone or communal*i feel very grateful for being alive, as cheesy as it may sound*♥*

Friday, August 26, 2011


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one day while being in sweden we took a boat to this tiny island. it was raining cats and dogs, very cosy in a wet way. i thought it could be nice to live on an island without any car traffic. surrounded by the ocean.

but no man is an island and i would only do it with a bunch of lovely people. and i come back to the same point of realization, which is that i don’t think it suits me to live alone anymore. anyone out there dreaming of living in a community?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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two weeks was like a little eternity somehow. the days are melting into weeks which are melting into months and i loose track of time. it is so sweet to go north. so familiar and so foreign. it seemed like i managed to leave without the drama but it caught me in amsterdam instead, it is hard to leave, each time, over and over again. and i leave with a bunch of questions, the same old questions, and perhaps a few new ones too, but maybe this time i can let them be.

Thursday, August 18, 2011



i don’t know what to tell you. my mind feels like fudge, and my body like a cinnamon bun. hey ho, so long.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

not yet halfway

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more than anything it is more quiet here. and where are all the people? where are they hiding?

i love the green. and the view. that there is so much landscape around you, and far away to the horizon. the definition of a swedish forest and an israeli forest is miles apart. i marvel about the essence of life being the same everywhere, and yet all the details can be so different. and the context changes you. i think slightly different when i am here. so what is left in us, independently of the place and the context we are in?

if you happen to be in the area of uppsala, pay a visit to this place, where elisabeth is exhibiting her beautiful and thoughtful embroideries. she always puts my thoughts into words.

enjoy the weekend, dear folks!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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7 hours in the netherlands and we visited almere *by mistake*, followed by amsterdam, put our jackets off and on an unaccountable amount of times, had a nice chitchat and i ate both an apple cake and some fries with peanut sauce before leaving again. i think it is a great idea to keep bubble blowers in the kitchen by the way!

sweden has so far been berry plucking, long walks, hanging around the sweetest family and many tasty meals. those gorgeous kids of my sister are perfect natural models, can’t be bothered to pose or feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

so lovely to be here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

goodnight middle east, goodmorning europe


i had four flat tires this week. ate four delicious mango’s. had three important conversations. got one longed for haircut. took eighty-six pictures. baked twelve muffins and one loaf of bread. spoke to five strangers, went to one demonstration, sat for hundredandsixtyfive minutes in conscious silence, wrote one and a half letter, wondered one time how it is to be a balcony tree, sweated some billions of liters and drank a trillion liters of random liquids. among many other things.

tomorrow i have a stop over in amsterdam, just enough time to hug a very dear friend and give her a delayed birthday present, before continuing to sweden. perhaps i will see you there?!

love and nighty night.