Wednesday, December 31, 2008

just another way to measure

but still, for '09 i wish to have


on all levels. individual as global.
(some have creative ideas of how to achieve that)

och en till födelsedagsflicka

stort grattis fröken l på födelsedagen! hoppas att du har det fint i london, och att du får ett fint nytt år... ännu en gång så önskar jag att jag vore där du (ni) är !

massor av kramar och kärlek

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

fret for your figure and
fret for your latte and
fret for your hairpiece and
fret for your lawsuit and
fret for your prozac and
fret for your pilot and
fret for your contract and
fret for your car.

Monday, December 29, 2008

wake up and smell the coffee

this is not an irrelevant morning.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

9.17 (israel & palestine)

waking up feeling drained and uncomfortable, from dreams and thoughts.
the contrasts are so huge in this place. but not only here.

i am still waking up in my safe bubble. going to work as usual on a sunday morning.
it feels completely irrelevant.

what "started" yesterday (rather a accumulation from years back) won't lead to anything more fruitful and it certainly won't offer any positive solution to ANYbody and still, those are the means of 'communication' which are grasped for.

it is so awful, and so sad.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


so much suffering and hatred in this world. i fail to understand, over and over again.

Friday, December 26, 2008

back again

misty desert view

eilat has a few scary parts that look like disney land. not completely my cup of tea.

drinking sake and getting spoiled with sushi and good company

it was warm and i was tired

more desert views.

the desert mountains are breathtaking and frightening in their beauty. i want to get out and walk. and walk. and walk.

and the green 'lush' hills of the north are comforting to return to.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

rien du rien

a confession, dear family and friends far away:

not a single christmas package nor even a little card has left this house to the post office.
and anyways, there is almost nothing in this house worth sending.

the intention was good, but failed in the last usual.

merry fucking christmas!
i made knäck, with silan, which is like a sort of honey made from dates. and carob paste. they are delicious!

...and very healthy for the teeth.

and i am burning one last chanukka-christmas candle before i go.

bye, bye my sweet home!


fru a, grattis på födelsedagen! hoppas du har en fin, skön, lugn dag och en bra början på ditt nya år. jag hoppas jag hinner ringa... och önskar jag vore där hos er.
massor av kramar och pussar

lost the hang of it

and now, what to bring for three days in the desert? i just can't translate degrees into clothes.
plus, i think the laundry is closed, and all my clean clothes are THERE!
very well planned.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

there goes another weekend

no rain in sight...

i made tasty and easy oatmeal cookies

and had a few more dog moments.

and i fed some goats.

and here they are!!! my precious... saffrons yellow has to be one of the most beautiful colors i know.

i also wasted a whole pot of fudge yesterday, due to multitasking... it smelt like burned car tires for hours in my house.
this week we are giving workshops and performing three times in eilat. i have never been to eilat, but somehow i am not that thrilled about it. id rather stay around the olive trees and the mountains for christmas. this very biblical landscape might bring out the best of my christmas spirits.
instead, i will walk around with a grumpy face while teaching 70-80 hormonal teenagers.

merry christmas

Saturday, December 20, 2008

my kitchen is on fire

i am finally baking lussebullar, while listening to tool.


update 00.48:
and go figure,
they are neither grey nor dry this year! man, we rock!

Friday, December 19, 2008

look what i found

those i got in a 'give and take' market. this woman wanted to swap a bag of my freshly baked pastries with something of hers. i couldn't find anything of interest. but she insisted i'd take these glasses.

those are not so funny.

i found this pair on a queens day flea market in rotterdam

bought those for a few dollars by a street vendor in new york. goes well with the silly face.

i am feeling well again! i woke up this morning at 7.30 (!!), and since then i managed to clean my house, hang a few humble christmas decorations, shake my carpets, fetch the laundry, visit 'pappersinsamlingen', buy all the necessary ingredients for lussebullar, take stupid pictures of sunglasses and dance around my living room.
now, i am planning to sew a little wallet for a friend. and eat some crackers with marmalade.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i simply love you

oy, it was a hard day, working with the leftovers of my little stomach drama. i was extremely exhausted and without energy, that i fell asleep a few times during rehearsal.

i was so happy to arrive home where bones was waiting and he treated me with an hour of cuddling in bed. this dog is no doubt one of the best things in life!

wipe out

oh, i have been puking my guts out the last 24 hours. how i hate to puke! i think i might have gotten food poisoned. to perform while running forward and back to the toilet is not to recommend. a few more hours and then weekend...
stay in there food!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

yesterday and the day before

biking next to the meron mountain.

i made last minute, colorful chocolate balls for oz's birthday

and boiled glögg on a real fire

i love fennel with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

this little one we tried to save by finding her a warm spot and giving her some water to drink. but she still died. it was a little bit sad.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

and now

after leftover soup, together with pasta, butter, ketchup and veggie steaks (sometimes i can die for such unsophisticated food)
i am making homemade glögg which will go with the movie.
i am a moody cow tonight.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

cabin fever

today is the perfect day to wear a kimono and to enjoy a little japanese tea *read coffee* party

why to spend a fortune on organic deodorants that hardly do the job, when baking soda is the shit?? it is worth trying!

something going on in the backyard? (this was my lucia outfit. white! with the exception of a few lost butterflies)

this might look scary, but it is my very tasty borsjtj soup.

today, i am in desperate need of a little adventure. i can't stay at home one more day. i am loosing track of time, pulling my hair, scratching my belly button.

wish me luck!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

värsta lusseludret (ett inlägg för svenskar)

jag vet inte varför, men lucia gör mig otroligt nostalgisk. mer än någon annan högtid.
(eller ljuger jag nu?)

inte en lussekatt i sikte. dessutom glömde jag att köpa rött vin för hemmagjord glögg.
det ligger en liten bortglömd pepparkaka i min kakburk.
men, jag väcktes med lucia musik i telefonluren, 'live' från svealand...
och jag bakade geggiga choklad tryfflar igår, med hjälp utav fina ekobloggen

och det är inte försent att lifta till den stora staden, ta en minibuss till haifa, ännu en till tel aviv, och därefter den tredje till jerusalem för att leta rätt på svenska församlingen och deras lucia firande. men det låter väl lite väl frälst?

nåväl, nån gammal vit särk ska jag väl i alla fall kunna leta fram.

från lusseludret

Friday, December 12, 2008

the traces of my breakfast. i thought the milk bubbles reminded me of frost on the window, it will be my substitute for snow.
and also my sister had a moment of coffee perversion this morning.

(!i think i figured out how to make the pics wider!)

ay, i am such a weekend junkie!

mrs, brown and her gifts

such lovely gifts from sinterklaas! the wonders of rotterdam-tea ,a book, dried, organic mushrooms,(nope, not the magic kinds) a little candle and a christmas star!

thank you, mooie vrouw...

weekend officially started

i am back in my bed. after a gurgle of salt water. a cold is coming along. i can feel it. but hey, i'll beat you before you beat me!!!
it was a hard week,, i am treating myself to some of my favorite blogs, a little movie about DNA (man, i forgot probably 90% of what i was taught in school), and listening to the wind before going to sleep.

sweetest dreams

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i think the potassium is working! i can handle my period much better these last two times. another hot tip, is to massage above the achilles, when there is wave of pain. this helps instantly.

still, two morning performances in this condition wasn't easy.

i deserve to eat a lot of chocolate now.

a few nights ago, brushing my teeth and listening to music

just out of bed. that is why i can't make sharp pictures.

my hair looks like horsehair in macro

obsessed about rain. can we have some more, please?

sweethearts in the bus

i love yukos outfit!

hm, which side of the table is mine???