Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i bought a dress


… cause i just couldn’t resist. maybe because it has a beautiful cut in the back? or the weird mix of 80’s flowers and a 60’s model? beats me.

we rehearsed in the park today. getting used to dancing on grass. tomorrow we will rehearse on the beach. to get used to dancing in water. well, actually we were looking for a very shallow pool, but couldn’t find one.

it sounds pretty good i guess, working on the beach. but right now we have quite a lot of unresolved issues which creates tension, so it isn’t exactly peaches and cream. but enough of that. now i will chill down with a cold shower followed by a beer. simple after work therapy. hope you guys had a nice day? where ever you are, what ever you do…

Monday, June 28, 2010

june a year ago


i had these two turtle doves for a visit. a year ago. oh time flies. so many things can happen in a year.

we are having stressful days in the studio, getting prepared for italy. and i am realizing over and over again what an extreme challenge it is to communicate. and to be understood. we need a vacation. the sooner the better. but until then it is just about doing a good/great job and keeping the whiskers up. what a great expression, whiskers up…


i have ANTS in my computer. from what? cookie crumbles? i guess this is what happens when you have your own space, you lay awake at night eating cookies in bed while surfing the net. you eat half a pack of crunchy bagels for dinner and 15 nectarines for dessert. you never go to sleep, but wander the streets without worrying about disturbing your host when you sneak back in. and you wake up tired, tired, tired for work the following day. i am still extremely excited about this little space of ‘mine’.

here a little lullaby. 

and for those interested in participating in the following weekword, hanna-happenings will announce the word one of these days!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

i love you



today during rehearsal. i was resting for a while, trying to release my neck which got stuck in a headstand in the morning, watching the others working on a certain part. our studio is situated on the 2nd floor, we had the windows open for once (every day we spend a few minutes debating whether to turn on the air-condition or to keep the windows open and pray for the breeze to cool us down.usually the group of convinced air-co users win) suddenly i see a balloon floating outside. slowly sailing in the wind, passing the northern wall and then continuing through our open window, taking a turn in the room before landing on the floor on the opposite side. i let out a big sigh and a ‘woooow’ and everyone stopped moving.a red, heart shaped i love you. i felt like in a movie. such a sweet little moment…

Friday, June 25, 2010

weekword: non/attachment

8-10.2 008

i often fantasize about shaving my head. all of it. chop chop. gone. i am so curious about the feeling and how it would look. but so far, i am obviously too attached to my hair, since it didn’t happen yet…


after 10 years (!) of living far from my parents, the umbilical cord is thicker than ever. i don’t even try to practice non attachment when it comes to family and friends. even though, indirectly i do all the time, by choosing to move around. what a paradox.


the neck keeps the head attached to our body. how lucky, because if it didn’t, i am afraid mine would float away, high in the sky, up in the clouds and never come back down again.

visit these people for more associations on the theme: et lille oejeblik, hannashappenings, textilspanieln, vejacecilia. and if you want to join, just drop a line and i will add you to the list. anyone feels inspired to choose the following weekword?

Thursday, June 24, 2010



i have about a week left before leaving this place for a while. looking forward to some fresh air…and a good rest. even though i have the feeling i might not rest that much.

the past few days, i finally got a corner for myself in the city. after all these months of jumping from one bed to the other. it is a little bit weird in a nice way. i have nothing there, except a bed and a few small things. i like this emptiness for now. it is as if i can see clearer like this. the only thing i miss is a green plant. that will be taken care of today.

last night i spoke to one of my closest friends from back then.we have a hard time to combine our busy schedules to make phone appointments. but yesterday, i found the perfect time, the perfect phone booth, and she answered. so good to talk to someone that knows you extremely well. such a bliss to have people who feel similar like yourself at times. when you think no one else does… she reminded me of this text i once read when i was a teenager. some wise words for in the morning!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

guess it started


hey, it is summer already! what happened? there’s something so obvious about the summers in the north. you know for sure it started when everything turns green and lush. and here i somewhat seem to miss the beginning, until one day i find myself almost melting away in the sun. that’s pretty much what happens, the heat keeps increasing. and then comes the jellyfish, the lychees (i am eating dozens of them, so sweet and tasty) and the cockroaches. did you know that cockroaches can fly by the way?

busy weeks, roller-coaster mind, growing muscles (they come and they go). that’s all for now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

weekword: non/attachment

better late than never..here it comes. the word of the week. well, it is almost two words, so it might count as cheating! anyhow. elisabeth inspired me to participate, and i hope you will let me know if i missed out on anything important?!

anyone who feels like participating please leave a comment here so that i can link to your associations to non/attachment on friday. and on friday i will pass it on to someone else to chose the following weekword. did i get it all right?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

this is not a fashion blog

but this one is for you helena *and whoever else is of interest!*, since i promised to show you my favorite dresses (and skirts)…


a gift from my mother. 2nd hand.


my mothers old butterfly dress


the red one with white dots, only to wear with french fries in your nose. 2nd hand from rotterdam.


the amish looking skirt. that squeezes my waist.


the flowery cotton dress


the flowery hippie dress


the skirt i made years ago from my parents sheets. softest fabric on earth!


the synthetic forest dress from emmaus


the skirt i lost in the kibbutz laundry with a lovely psychedelic pattern


the yellow H&M one i got from sweet friends when i graduated and that turned into my costume for a dance performance

wow, i am surprised by the amount of dresses i seem to have collected throughout the years. but enough of that. it is just something to wear after all! ♥

Saturday, June 19, 2010

god save the queen


you realize that you lost your swedish touch when you forgot which date is the national holiday and just after that the wedding of the crown princess. i happened to be reminded last night, when by chance i was watching swedish television online. i find it impressive how much importance we give to the monarchy. not to mention the amount of money.

looking at the preparations, i feel extremely happy not to be a royalty! but may they live happily ever after.

instead of celebrating with the royal family and the swedish folk, i spent the morning searching for bones who disappeared. he is in a trauma since last night when he got attacked by two vicious dogs who chewed him to little pieces. i almost cried when it happened. and thought to myself that it is not easy being a mother…

Friday, June 18, 2010



it might sound like a cliché, taken from one of those speeches by a miss universe participant. a word that kind of got devaluated. but the most dreamlike dream in this place would be peace. to me, it associates to ´dream´ since peace seem to become less and less realistic. and more and more of a dream. right now.

so at night time, i dream more about war. and during the day, i daydream about peace.

thank you elisabeth for the weekword, there’s endless possibilities to it. i just chose a tiny little part.

p.s could you find my three little additions?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



i often wonder about those single shoes on the street. what’s their story? unless you are extremely wasted or escaping something/someone in a hurry, why would you forget one shoe? is it some secret sign from the mysterious shoe sect? leaving a message behind? oh, that would be much more exciting than a drunken mishap. maybe one day i will start collecting all those singles shoes. pair them up with each other, a sneaker with a platform, a sandal with a rubber boot,and turn them into couples again.

the splashed bell pepper made me think of someone tearing out their heart and stepping on it. how very morbid.. well, at least it keeps being exciting walking on the streets this way. it is like a treasure hunt. if your mind stays open for it.

sweet&important dreams to all of you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more of those colors

_MG_1468IMG_2097_MG_1462 IMG_2100_MG_1465 

i am enjoying all those pretty women wearing pretty summer dresses.

i am enjoying to wear summer dresses myself.

i enjoyed to meet yaelian for the first time, with her sweet dog bambi! i have been reading her blogs (she has two! one cooking blog full of great recipes and one for her stories) for more than a year now. how amazing to realize that this person actually exists in reality.. yaelian,it was so nice to see you, hope to do it again sometime and enjoy your vacation!

i enjoyed receiving a bucket full of little, colorful gifts from ingetje. washi tapes, sponges, tea and candy. lief, ik hou van je!♥

enjoy your day! i hope i will enjoy mine..

Saturday, June 12, 2010


IMG_8026 DSCF1517IMG_7045IMG_8000DSCF1559 _MG_8783IMG_0403IMG_3003IMG_7342

someone told me my life is a lot about fragmentation. that this is a consequence of my choices in life, to move from one place to the other for instance. it is like a picture on the computer, where you rather see all the different pixels and not the full picture.     

i am just busy discovering this from a new angle. i am not sure if it fits me anymore. i also don’t know how to make one picture of all the many pixels.

today this made me feel extremely tired. this thought, about the pixels…

Thursday, June 10, 2010



whoever made up the concept ‘weekend’ is a genius. two whole days,what a bliss! especially since this will be my only two day weekend until the middle of july. one days simply doesn’t count as a weekend.

this week has been a serious exhaustion. but in a good way. somewhat. when you finish your day and you are so physically tired that you can’t think and feel. numb in a pleasant way. and since i tend to overdose on thinking i didn’t mind much. i haven’t even listened to any music (except for in rehearsals), and usually i can’t go a day without it. which by the way brings out a question, what do guys listen to these days? i would love to get some new musical inspiration….

so i am here, charging my batteries. wish you all a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



it’s been a while since i last wrote about bones. but today i woke up missing him. he has this impressive talent to cheer me up. especially in the mornings. when you feel all you want to do is pull the blanket over your head and sleep for another few days, then, there’s bones! always happy to see you again. even in the early morning hours.

this week is never-ending! i have today and tomorrow to go. how come, when sunday feels so extremely far away?

note to self: take a deep breathe, and stay here and now.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

which day is it today?


it is colorful here today. i on the other hand feel like a pale shadow. except for my emotions, which have all different kinds of shades. i can’t seem to keep track on which day it is. or which month. and i have no clue what i did yesterday. perhaps it doesn’t matter. as long as i still remember my name. and i just told a friend of mine that i have a memory of an elephant. a very small elephant, that would be.