Sunday, October 31, 2010

hip hip hurra

 h old _MG_3237_MG_3119_MG_3216 

grattis på födelsedagen finaste lilla h! tänk att du redan har blivit så stor...jag önskar dig en jättefin födelsedag och jag hoppas att paketet jag skickade har kommit fram? jag tycker det är himla synd att jag inte kan vara med på ditt kalas, eller ta en sväng med dig till den magiska världen. många kramar från moster sara.

my sisters daughter is having a birthday today. and i just realized i have never been present on her birthday. what a shame! especially now, when the ice breaks so easily between us and she takes me for adventures in the magical world and other great things. and looking at the small ones growing bigger, you get the best indication that time really do pass. whether you like it or not…

Friday, October 29, 2010

pattern collision

_MG_6131  _MG_6105  _MG_6093_MG_6077_MG_6091

elisabeth, here you go, mönsterkrockar för hela slanten! i realize there are loads of patterns all around me. not just the mental ones.

and anna, this has to count as mismatching, right?

wish you all a great weekend. i hope it will rain.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

peas and quiet


making green peas soup with rosemary and white wine while listening to the muezzin and finding a lost favorite shirt with many holes and a dirty mirror and straining my eyes to focus with the polaroid and obviously i didn’t keep track cause there was no picture left for the beautiful girl in front of me who invited me for a taybeh and speaking about language and what you become when you speak another language but your mother tongue and waiting for the rain which is expected(and longed for) this weekend and not able to put down my book page up and down and watching this movie and reading about this i almost had to vomit and i am not quiet but it is somewhat still around me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


IMG_8016IMG_7978 IMG_4024 

today is my mothers birthday and i so wish i was there to celebrate with her. serving her breakfast in bed and massaging her shoulders. baking a cake and pouring her some wine.

some people say we chose our parents, and if that is the case, i did the best choice ever. my mother is so warm, generous, intelligent, sensitive and funny. lucky me being your daughter…

grattis finaste mamma, om du läser det här så vet du att jag tänker på dig. och jag har skickat ett kort som förmodligen kommer i efterskott.

Monday, October 25, 2010

this is it


this period is a lot about me and the six people i see more often than anyone else. funny how your colleagues can be like your family in a way. we are literally rolling in each others sweat all day long. i know exactly how they smell and what their body feels like. if they are having a good or a bad day. what they eat for lunch. and yet, there is this whole ocean of life underneath that we know nothing about.

it is as if my life has shrunk into one tiny molecule and that becomes a whole world on it’s own.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

more still life


a little bit of finland through the mailbox, outi, you are so sweet!

drinking some wine with friends and wondering when my cough will vanish?  

dreaming many dreams and baking muffins. how’s your weekend?

Friday, October 22, 2010

inspiration/henry darger

darger 2darger 5darger 7 Henry_Darger_untitledverso_1036_356


we are getting inspired by henry darger right now in the studio. his work has the strangest contrast between naive and dark. little cartoon like birds, young children tied to the trees, soldiers, dragons, blood, fire, flowers and girls with penises. so twisted and beautiful.

and a song for the weekend. i am still waiting to play you some cheerful music. soon. very soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Video call snapshot 654 (2) 

most of the time the sound quality is choppy and the picture looks more like mosaic then faces, but still, there they are and it seems almost close…

yesterday was a day of connection. both here and there. i like connections.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

slum shine


37 degrees yesterday and i feel ready for autumn. it is mid october after all, if the weather gods would care to know. but perhaps this will stay the never ending struggle between my swedish genes in a foreign place. i dream the weirdest of dreams, waking up two hours before my alarm and i can’t fall asleep again. someone is cutting my hair, there’s an intricate net of vertical growing carrots, i wear an old yellow dress my mother once made me, but in the dream i am only half my size, i hold up a door and just when a girl is about to pass through i slam it shut. and the amateur psychologist in me starts drawing conclusions…

*this picture is from a great exhibition i saw in new york, if i could only remember the artists name?

Monday, October 18, 2010

the tallest man on earth, please sing me a lullaby

The Tallest Man on Earth2

like a house made from spider webs and the clouds rolling in, i bet this mighty river's both my savior and my sin and i'll throw it in the current that i stand upon so still, love is all, from what i've heard, but my heart's learned to kill

p.s listen here, picture from here

p.p.s and he is swedish too!

p.p.p.s i do like happy music aswell. i will prove so one day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


_MG_5898  _MG_5880_MG_5884_MG_5908 _MG_5903_MG_5900_MG_5906 

sinai managed to separate me from my camera. except for a few pictures. and that despite the fact that there is so much beauty and aesthetical ugliness all around, which always inspires me to shoot away. the mountains, the beduines  (followed by the questions;where did they come from and where are they going?), the camels… time simply moves differently over there. slow, very slow. it doesn’t make sense to rush, so at one point you manage to let go of that habit,even if it is only temporarily, and you surrender to the laissez-faire attitude of the locals. laying down, watching the sea, pondering life, eating, swimming and sleeping.

and now i am back in the city, the rush, the noise, the humidity. waiting for the rain. wondering what the winter will bring.

Monday, October 11, 2010



sometimes i wonder if it is all just a repetition of the repetition. like this feeling of deja vu i wrote about. cause things and themes seem to return. lessons still needed to be learned i guess. but however, looking back a few couple of october’s (2008/9/10) , i recall what i felt during the period of those pictures. and i felt and experienced different, oh so different, even though it might look the same. i feel sort of relieved to discover.

mid-october and soon i will have more regularity again. at least for a few months. no country hopping for a while. but who knows? life is always surprising us when we least expect it. this week i might take a break. from the net. silence and withdrawal. so please be noisy for me aswell…

tenderloveandcare to all of you.

the waltz


or perhaps it was a foxtrot, i am not sure. but those are my parents dancing above. and i ignored the lousy lighting.

while writing this i spilled some beer on my keyboard. that is not a very good idea. anyhow, i wanted to write that this wedding and the occasions we went out dancing in sydney and new york reminded me of how much fun it is to dance out. i hardly needed to get reminded, cause i know in theory that i usually go wild once i have the energy and the mood for it, but usually that is what i lack, the energy and the mood. but if you don’t have it, you can always gain it. that’s what i need to remind myself of….

Sunday, October 10, 2010



and so they got married…and my quickie is about to end for this time. i seem to have the snottiest nose which only keeps collecting bacterial flora from each place i pass. my cold is an exotic mixture. i have little inspiration to blog, not sure what to share and not. but such is life. now, a brunch with kalvdans, which i have fantasized about for years, and of i go!

Friday, October 8, 2010

favorites of the week

_MG_5724_MG_5653_MG_5630 _MG_5709_MG_5670_MG_5678 

*the sweetest gift, a polaroid*colored leaves*walking to the creek*red berry breakfast*patterns and composition*my swedish bed* 

(thank you for your comments, i am slow in responding these days.)

and a song, like cotton candy.