Monday, June 30, 2008

this is how my hair looks like tonight.... a celebration gesture for the new family member, who might come any time now...

a japanese hairstick from yuko, and a capers flower i found along the road. (yes, the same thing we eat. it smells devine)


im constantly waiting to receive a sms which says i became an aunt (again). not yet....fair enough i guess, who wouldn't wanna stay inside there??
secondly, the new week started, after a pretty good weekend with lazy hours around the pool, and many hours talking on the phone to 'lost' friends around the world.
i hope we will manage this stress before the premiere, without too many tears in the studio, and without broken body parts...

i have no milk for the morning coffee. back to black. like @ ms. browns house, back in the days...

have a lovely day!

Friday, June 27, 2008

tour pics

from the tour in italy:

yuko in the snow.

me in

update 23.31: me and the carrot, as we call it...

dana in the box.

and just to make the wallet even more empty..

.....i will pay a visit to treesfortravel, just to make a tiny winy effort to compensate all this flying....


YES!!! here i come!
new york-kiev-stockholm 3rd of august.
stockholm-zurich 18th of august
zurich-stockholm 24th of august
stockholm-kiev-tel aviv 31st of august

im so looking forward to see you! now, im gonna celebrate in the pool.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

this is muriel!

as promised, fru A, here he is! our brazilian sweetheart. he loves: creamy pastas, cats&dogs, long legs, vodka and to play my guitar. (which he doesn't know how to...)
he used to be the dj in our little pub, and on top of that he bakes marvelous cakes!

Monday, June 23, 2008

june tour

the foreigners outside the theater in brno

having cocktails

at the reception in prague. with two lovely men. and miss l like a stewardess.

yuko at the cocktail bar

enjoying the nordic light....

not my intention...

...but i ate the whole bag of crisps. just now. before treatment. and before dinner. with bones licking the crumbles from the floor under me ( i treated him with some dog snacks after that, so that he could enjoy the moment aswell...)

im not hungry anymore. all those goodies in the fridge. organic veggies. hah!

and, perhaps i should find out about some dog blogs. it might fit me.

to be continued

yep, back in town. i will get going with the blogging again. while bones is licking his lolly. but before that, i need to spend a day in the studio, which feels like an oven these days. and in costumes that are not made for those temperatures.
wish you all a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

roadtrip and bedouin feast

so, we went to visit abu sultan and his wife um sultan, our bedouine 'family'. um sultan wanted to show me the dress she made herself (!) for her sons wedding. and before i knew it, she wanted me to wear it. i felt quite uncomfortable by the whole thing. r didn't even realize it was me when i returned into the living room. then, roadtriping to get back from there, with a lovely sunset.

squatters, again

look who welcomed me at home after the tour...