Wednesday, August 29, 2007

you know you are back in israel....

...when the taxi driver first takes you to an ATM, then buys you a coffee, without charging, just cause you are sleepy....

...when just walking to the studio makes me sweaty....

...when everybody says they missed you (in typical overexaggerated israeli style, even though some might be telling the truth)....

for the rest, time is short and intense, again, before jumping back to europe.
i need to unpack, repack, wash, get myself a reasonable suitcase etc etc.

oh, and on my way here, one of my luggages was forgotten in amsterdam, and i almost went all the way back to the airport again with the train, since i fell asleep...

a big balagan
but it has it's beauty

Thursday, August 23, 2007

oh, va mysigt!!!

nu ska det bli ebba och didrik maraton!
vilka fina systrar jag har som ger mig en sadan fortrafflig present....

serotenin kick?

och nu har jag precis kakat en liten dajm, en liten marabou mjolkchoklad och sa en dubbeldajm pa slutet! antar att efter det har kommer vinsuget igen....

should i worry???

haromdagen stod jag och lagade mat hemma hos jenny pa kvallskvisten. valdigt god mat for den delen (saklart!!!) och upptackte plotsligt att nagot fattades. kunde forst inte riktigt komma pa vad precis jag saknade,
men efter en stund trillade slanten ner,
jag vill ha vin...
jag tillochmed behover ett glas vin!

men a andra sidan har jag lyckats kicka av morgonkaffet och flertaliga fikatillfallen...

kan ju inte bli alltfor duktig pa en och samma gang?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

gooiemorgen wereld!!!

slow start in rotterdam...
har gett mig tillatelse att sova sa lange jag vill har, vilket verkligen behovdes efter sverige. a andra sidan sa kompenserar jag med annu senare natter. och vin.
men nu har jag atit dinkel mannagrynsgrot till frukost. den gar inte av for hackor!!!
och nu ska jag ta tjuren vid hornen och vandra ner till stadshuset och fa ordning pa min folkbokforing har i nederlanderna.

sa! soif!

Monday, August 20, 2007

bones the talented...

try this link instead: bones love the harmonica

lamentation in rotterdam

oh, it was very hard to leave sweden and the big, wonderful family! it is actually getting harder each time.
but now, im here in rotterdam again, and as soon as i got off the train (got a surprise pick up from the airport!) i was loaded with energy from this place. still, abit emotional though.

anyhow, for my sweet sisters, i wanted to introduce you to bones with the harmonica
i hope it works???

can't seem to figure out how to get my pictures onto jennys computer, so that will have to wait...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

mera pärlor


bored? (but in some kind of nice way..)

i am on vacation. it is fine to be bored, especially knowing it won't last very long anyhow.
but still...
my dear sister 'ernst' is painting her shelves, the neverending task, both my parents are asleep in front of the TV (man, how i HATE tv, with a passion!), my second dear sister, the mum, is too far away, im bored of blogging and the weather is a bit boring. cosy, but boring. since it, in combination with the TV, for sure cancelled my dad-daughter date (picknique).

we had 'tjockpannkaka' for dinner. nostalgic!
and now, my most constructive activity will be to eat 'lösgodis' until i drop.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

not just a dancer...

...but also auntie sara.... the most beautiful miss h there is!

two worlds

my sweet eran is moving....and that was the last night in israel. then sweden, oh dear sweden. with biking trips, organic veggies straight from the farmer and having a 'fika' with the sisters.

oh, how lovely... be on vacation! it is simply amazing, especially to be in sweden right now.
man, the air is so clean and fresh. the nature so green. everything is so quiet. 'it is oh so still'....

and, i have a family! i almost forget that throughout the year, being so far away, but as a matter of fact, i still do... and they are great, of course. best family ever. too bad they are not up for some adventures in the 'youneverknowwhatyougonnaget'-middle east. would be fun if they all came to live on the edge over there. before i settle for a 'torp' in some swedish forest???

i was planning to put som pic's to illustrate above, but somethings is screwed with the computer here, so it will have to wait.

i will be back