Monday, November 18, 2013

through the lens of a phone

sara and bonessara and naily

me and my friends.

I never thought I would have a second career as a goat herder, but life is full of surprises.


Anonymous said...

these have to be by far the best pictures I have seen in a long time. That's exactly what it looks friends hanging out.
This little twist in your life looks like an awesome one.

Unknown said...

I agree with Sarah absolutely terrific pictures and not only you look awesome but also your fury friends. Love, love, love it!
Barbara Bee

narumi said...

you are lovely :)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Yes, you are lovely : ) & what a lovely turn of events your life is taking!

Anne said...

Yes, definitely lovely :)
Wat een sprookjesachtig leventje. Mooi portret die eerste!
Ik was inderdaad op vakantie, maar inmiddels alweer terug in mistig Amsterdam... liefs!

Wallinskaya said...

Det ser ju ut som världens mest fridfulla jobb.

Jael said...

Vilka söta vänner du har! Är du alls i Tel Aviv nuförtiden?

Barbara said...

That photo with the goat is just too cute. I find goats amazing, they are so intelligent and curious.

Julia da Franca said...

wonderful, always surprising, beautiful you!
thank you for sharing. i'm working with a lovely dancer from sweden at the moment, her name is jenny lindström and she's the witch in a hänsel+gretel ballet:)
love, julia

S said...

Such beautiful moments, thanks for sharing with us !
you look so adorable Sara ! I can feel that you have a deep love for animals and animals love you so much-I would love to trade places with you just to experience/feel my deeper connection with nature and animals !

annika said...

Söta vänner med en söt Sara :)

querido diário said...

You are so beautiful :)

Im a little afraid of goats but those seem to be very sweet <3

annton said...

those twists and turns bring out even more beauty! love it too.

sarapirat said...

sarah, :) twisty life is a good life!

bee, thank you dear, those furry friends are indeed a nice gang to hang out with. xx.

narumi, wow thank you!

sally, :) blushing!

anne, hahhaha soms heel raare bizarre sprookje en niet altijd zo romantisch soms wel! liefs

wallinskaya, jag hade alltid föreställt mig att det skulle vara just det, fridfullt, men det är det verkligen inte, man måste springa efter dom och hålla koll mest hela tiden. så inget flöjtspelande tex :)

jael, ja ibland men inte så ofta tyväär. kram

barbara, they are a very funny interesting animal. happy i got a chance to get to know them.

julia, wow, great! a swedish dancer! what are you working on???

s, happy to see you here again! you are always welcome to drop by! :) big hug

annika tack rara.

sara, thankyou, wow! no worries about the goats, only the male one can be a bit aggressive at times.

annton, true, it brings out a lot of beautiful aspects of life. i feel grateful!

outi said...

that´s a super job! i could also try for a week or two. somebody should just teach me what to do..
Looks good:)

Eefje said...

Prachtig, ik wil ook geitenhoedster worden in een ander leven. Als ik ooit een huisje met een weitje zou bewonen zou ik ook zeker een geit aan de familie willen toevoegen!