Friday, November 15, 2013

reuse november

nov 11 9nov 11 5nov 11 10nov 11 4nov 11 6nov 11 2nov 11nov 11 3nov 11 7nov 11 8

random collection from 2011. remembering, recalling, refeeling, reusing.


Patrice A,. said...

wat een fijne reeks
stukje uit je leven
van toen en nu

en x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
isn't fabulous, you can draw on unlimited resources... Wonderful images, again and again!

Love to you :-)
xo Ariane.

Jael said...

Fin bild kollektion:) Kram !

Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea to remember and refeel.

sometimes I get so wrapped up in the present and trying to capture everything I see today, that I forget the little things that caught my eye a year ago....

Happy weekend. xo

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I have been looking back too! See what beautiful images you have found….

nadine paduart said...

and that's just how it feels, looking at these. n♥

Magdalena Sander said...

wow. cant decide which picture I like the most. some are full of love.i love the one in the leaves... wonderful moment. can feel it.

querido diário said...

2011 looks good*

outi said...

november is somehow a bit difficult for me. i´m kind of waiting for something; the snow, the winter to arrive finally, december, something.. ok, let´s admit, i´m already waiting for the spring, and hoping this most dark season would go smoothly and fast and we would wake up for the april sunshine soon again;)
Have a good november dear sara!

seraphina theresa said...

i love those pictures!

annika said...

Åh jag vill koka kaffe i skogen över öppen eld! Måndagskramar!

Stöket said...

Jag reser i känslor, andas annan luft och upplevelser, när jag landar här. Hos dig.
Himla fint.

sarapirat said...

patrice, dankje lieve vrouw!

ariane, hahhaha, almost, apart from all of those that were lost when my computer was stolen. but i am busy making a new collection...always! thank you, and hugs

jael, tack, kram

sarah, i enjoy those trips down memory lane. gives perpective to the now. xx.

sally thank you!

woolf, :) hugs.

magdalena dear, it was a lovely walk in switzerland i remember. i was so happy to be experiencing the fall the european way...

sara, i think it was a good one, in general...?!

outi, i hear you and i guess i would feel the same if i was in sweden or further north right now. but i long for snow and christmas instead! :)
hugs to you

seraphina happy you do!

annika åh tillsammans vore mysigt! kramar

fröken stök, vad vackert, jag blir glad. kram