Friday, December 3, 2010

happy weekend


..from me and the ants. they live in this plant when they are not busy eating my cereals.

i am worrying about the fire. such a terrible loss, all that amazing forest which is burning. and all the wildlife in it. one of the few real forests in israel. another sign that the climate issue is a SERIOUS one.

also i was on fire today, but by now i am calmer. no need for international help. but it is always welcome.


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

it's terrible with the fire. just awful, the people that died, the houses and belongings of so many. and of course the nature, the wild life and the land. such a loss. i am constantly thinking of what i'd do if i was told to take my kids and leave. what would i try and take a long? it's awful and so scary.

and now, with the risk of being slightly insensitive i'll go straight into the subject of my favorite restaurant. i think i might surprise you, but it is raphael. i love the food and i love the quiet and the service. and i love how it makes me feel calm and grown-up. in that cool way i imagined it would be like, to be a grown up, back when i wasn't. not that i am now, grown-up. except according to the calendar, i should be.

are you going to sweden for christmas? i'll be heading home. i wish it'll be white and cold when i get there. this heat is too much now. especially with this fire raging. where is the rain?!?!

happy chanukah, sweet sara pirat

Jael said...

Det är så synd ,med eldsvådan.Och det bara fortsätter....jag nästan gråter när jag tänker på alla vackra ställen som nu är helt förstörda.
Ha en skön veckoslut,Sara:-)

Helena said...

det är så obehagligt med den där branden. jag hoppas att man snart får stopp på den. överhuvudtaget är det läskigt med alla tecken man får titt som tätt på att jorden/klimatet är ledset och blöder. hoppas du får en fin helg. jag ska försöka ha det. förlåt att jag inte fixat era t-shirtar än, jag skäms...
och jag blir så glad av dej med ska du veta! kramar

jasmin said...

I did think of you when I saw the news.
Funny how blogland opens up awareness to others.

Thanks too Sara for your comments - I am having my own personal 'advent' - remembering the light in a dark place. I like that definition of it.

sarapirat said...

trinsch, oh this morning it made me cry...terrible terrible terrible. feels like judgement day, no?
and interesting enough, i was supposed to be in beit oren this weekend. but plans changed.
when are you leaving for denmark? me too, dying to get some rain and cold. and snow...ohohoh! where is raphael again?
love to you!

yaelian, fruktansvärt. kram till dig.

helena, det är väldigt mycket domedagskänsla över den här branden. och det som sker i samband med den. och du, stressa inte över tröjorna! varm kram

jasmin, it does, huh? and great to hear you keep advent in mind...always happy to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Hi, I was thinking of you, as I saw on the news with the hugh fire next to you. They say that is was fire raising. How can people do that? I'll never understand that. Hope you're well with your hungry ants and hopefully someone give you this nice book as a present for christmas.

sarapirat said...

barbara, i think they are still not sure what caused the fire but they suspect it was a campfire started by some kids which spread.
anyhow. lets hope and pray for rain.
my ants are doing well at least. :)