Monday, April 27, 2009

little miss messy

first of all, when my house is beyond the cosy mess, and developed into a fullblown chaos, im starting to be bothered. very much so. i cant focus. i feel this control freak voice inside me wanting to organize. put away. even hide. quick!
today i stood in line at the american embassy for three hours in total. mostly just standing. at least i had good company, so we made silly games to make time pass. for security reasons, you cant enter with your bags or mobile phone, and of course they charge and arm and a leg for you to store it in those special lockers. they must make a fortune, simply on that little detail...insane in the membrain.
and then many hours of strolling in tel aviv. searching for fabrics for curtains. and such. a few second hand stores also caught my attention.
and strolling back home. sleeping heavily in the train. memorial evening soldiers.
all of this a little mess in my head. one of grannies secret pills and i am off to bed.



fröken L said...

Hoppas att du fick sova gott!

Här är det också en salig röra - både hemma och i huvudet... Hemmet ska jag ta tag i direkt efter tentan, den andra röran är det värre med!


PS. Såg ett par fina gardiner på Myrornas igår, som du nog skulle gilla. Om jag går förbi idag ska jag ta en bild och skicka till dig!

sarapirat said...

oj, den är nu någon gång? har glömt datumet igen...

och vad består den andra röran utav?

oh ja, skicka bild!