Tuesday, April 21, 2009

fresh blood

yesterday i went to see a theater group with muslim, jewish and christian teenagers working and performing together. it was alot of fun! the first minutes i was remembered of teaching teenagers in the netherlands *they can be scary*, all their energy, all the issues connecting to identity, to their sexuality etc. but with all of that, this group seemed to have a warm bound to eachother that fascinated me.

after that we went to have pizza and drink beer *for a change, on a monday eve* and met a group of extremely interesting and sweet druze guys, happening to live in a marxistic community not far from here.  and instead of leaving for bed, we ended up having a long conversation about….capitalism, communism, integralism… my brain was on fire after that.

and now, getting ready for kiev. another little tour. but a short one. thank god. this is my soundtrack right now. while having coffee in the sun.

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