Wednesday, April 30, 2014

david & the turtle


amazing how things are so real when you are close to them, and so distant and almost like an idea when you are far away.

only my third day in france and life is a new reality. with bits and pieces of other realities happening inside. always makes me question what is the essence and where do I truly belong.


Stöket said...

Det undrar jag också, även om jag inte befinner mig på så olika platser fysiskt, utan mentalt.

Kramar, kärlek och hej!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling very well. I think we end up being where we should be...choices and decisions will get us there. when everything about it feels right.

in the meantime, enjoy yourself. ♥

Anikó said...

being in another place is always great food for feeling and deeper thought. being tied down to one place for too long can be a little stagnating, so enjoy your way of life! love your photo, those long ginger eyelashes and the fuzzy green of the toy! (i presume it's a toy :) x

Unknown said...

belonging. a life long path.... i'm getting xloser.

Queen of Kammebornia said...

Sara, jag blir alltid så berörd hos dig. Det gillar jag. Kram!

Anonymous said...

Hej Sara,

Maybe you´re able to read me if i send this comment as an anonymous person.
You have friends everywhere, you leave a piece of you everywhere and that´s maybe you feel you don´t have another home besides your home in Sweden.
You know, i feel lost too in every aspect in my life...i don´t know where i belong, what should i do in my future, where should i be. I don´t know nothing...i know everybody has these struggles, problems and crisis during their life but in my case, it has been harder...maybe because i´m too honest and transparent when it comes to show feelings and i can´t show satisfaction when i don´t feel it. It´s a complex thing and i don´t want to bother you with this.
Maybe my destiny will lead me to your real home.
Enjoy your days in France and be happy.
Hope this comment finally reaches you!
Have a nice week.


Niken said...

so true. i know what you're talking about. sometimes i feel like i'm in a constant travel, and some other time, with some other place, it all feels so real in a second.

etta said...

your blog is lovely, just found it! i know how you feel, i've been over two years out of my home country living far far away.