Sunday, March 3, 2013

sunny days, white nights


a festive week behind us. I decided to go for the 20’s look. felt like I needed a drastic change from sweaty dance clothes and muddy work outfits, hence something lady-like with a lot of make up AND high heels (=suffering). I think I was back in the comfy outfit an hour later (one simply can’t groove freely in a narrow dress full of spangles) but my hairdo stayed until the morning, then again I did not go to bed but went to look at the sunrise and taste the frost instead. it might take a few days for me to recover after a white night but once in a while it is definitely worth it.


Iris Vank said...

Je ziet er prachtig uit!!

annton said...

you and your pictures, your words, make me dance so often. thank you! have a great week. greetings from a very sunny berlin!

nathalie et cetera said...

looks like a very happy event! Love you 20's look. It was such a great time for fashion!

Anonymous said...

I imagine you could wear the 20s era very beautifully! Better to enjoy and suffer for a few days than not to enjoy at all.... xo

Jael said...

Vilken fin look! Du ser så sofistikerad ut i bilden!

Merel said...

Mooi hoor, en feestelijk! De mensen op je foto's zien er ook zo vrolijk uit... vooral de Paashaas :-)

Elle said...

This white night seems to have been a lot of fun and a good "souvenir"...I love your 20's look, definitely!

till-vidas-ara said...

Åå..20-tals så himla fint. jag tycker så mycket om. du är vacker..! och visst är det värt det ibland, och att man behöver de där små förändringarna. Här snöar det och allt är ganska ok. tacksamhet fyller mig ..

kramar skickar jag dig käraste vän ..


Magdalena Sander said...

I liiiiiiike!!! such pure LIFE pictures! I love them!
you look GREAT! The GREAT Sara :D
kisses to you dear Sara!

anna said...

men guuu va snygg du va :)

Ariane Reichardt said...

You looks so beautiful with your pretty curves, dear Sara, here and there...
Beautiful pics... as always, Dear!

Sun is over Hamburg...12°C... sitting in a cafe... outside :)

xo Ariane.

Anonymous said...

Cabaret! Vacker!

sarapirat said...

iris, dankjewel! :) ik heb zo veel gel in mijn haar! ongeloofelijk!

annton, sunny berlin sounds wonderful, keep dancing!

nathalie, yes it was, i remember i used to love 'the house of elliot', do you know that series?

sarah, hahhaah, i guess so!

yaelian, hihi, ibland är jag tom lite sofistikerad. inte ofta...:) kramar

merel, de paashaas? ahhhh!

elle, it was, i am still recovering, four days later! :)

lycke, kramar tillbaka finaste du, tänk att det snöar fortfarande...ibland har jag svårt att fatta. men visst anar du våren i luften? i ljuset?

magdalena, sweetest you, thankyou for your words! love and hugs

anna, tack rara!

ariane, wow, sitting outside sipping coffee, mmmm, sounds lovely! thank you dear for your trace here.

anonym, tackar tackar!

outi said...

Hurrei! You didi it the best way:)
Here i am silently celebrating spring every day. Every day i see the sun, it`s like a unexpected present.

Huraa huraa for the spring!

ps. your photos are really great, once again.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love these cool photos!

Anne said...

prachtige portretten! en prachtige look!
liefs uit een koud amsterdam!