Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tuesday morning nostalgia


doilyold daysshady 

thinking about older days, a charming balcony, a messy garden, an abandoned house which got a new life, stories and meetings, a green wall and huge windows, a place full of treasures. perhaps one day i could show you some of those waybeforemydigitalcamera-photos.


wishing you a sweet day, peace&hugs.


Pascale said...

Oh yes, that would be great !!! The photo with the girl on it (you ,) is great... like the girl !

Iris Vank said...

Prachtige kleuren!

Patrice A. said...

wat een fijne post
zachte warme kleuren
en zeer welkom
want ik heb het koud


een pakje is onderweg

Mireille said...


till-vidas-ara said...

drömmar, minnen...visst är vi alldeles uppbyggda av dem. och så försöker man skapa nya..för barnen..den där känslan man hade fast här och nu! vackra vackra bilder. vill gärna se mer från då..
jag tänker också lite fengshui..fast kan inte så mycket. tänker fiskar på väggen i lillhallen in..så det kommer överflöd in till oss (ler)

kramar Lycke

Jael said...

Skulle vara trevligt att se bilderna! Kram!

erleichda said...

nothing better than a bit of nostalgia in the mornigs...
-as long as it's only a bit ;)

erleichda said...

nothing better than a bit of nostalgia in the mornigs...
-as long as it's only a bit ;)

S said...

"an abandoned house which got a new life'- I tell my husband often, "lets move to an abandoned house and give it a new life'. It seems it is not possible now but that is one of my wishes...
I love crochet work and I am going to learn it soon from a person who has promised to teach me.
The time before my digital camera came along, I took photos with my mobile phone and my father's analogue camera-they gave very natural and unpretentious results...
thanks for sharing this sweet post,

sarapirat said...

pascale, oh i wish that would be me, but i am behind the camera, as usually! :)

iris, dankjewel!

patrice, hopelijk nu een beetje beter en warmer bij jou? wauw! spannend! liefs

mireille, hoi en dankje!

lycke, det later som en god ide, jag kanske hanger nagra fiskar sjalv! :) jag ar inte dar an, att skapa nya for barnen, men tanker mycket pa det...kramar till dig.

yaelian, ja en vacker dag kanske?! om det bara fanns en scanner lite nara!

demie, hahha, you are SO right!
i often feel that dreams make me very nostalgic or even melancholic. and sometimes it affects my whole day...caught in specific feeling. like today.

sanghamitra, i did it a few times, i mean lived in abandoned houses and gave them a new life. when i lived in the netherlands, it was legal, to occupy empty buildings, and there were plenty of empty houses around. it was a social political movement. very inspiring in many ways.
i want to learn to crochet too, need to find a teacher!

Birdie said...

Lovely mood. Love them :)

Anne said...

graag :)
heel mooi die nostalgische mood!

nathalie et cetera said...

lovely series! please share your old school photos :)