Sunday, July 22, 2012

while waking up

diamond bridgeramadanyuko on the yogamatt macinetta 

new day, new week. i have a sleeping baby on my back and and a cloud of thoughts around and inside my head. dreaming about snakes and a run down house. drinking earl grey with milk and sugar (gone is the morning coffee tradition) and writing imaginary letters. shall i post them? have a good one! and check out this:


annika said...

Just nu vill jag dricka en stor kopp starkt kaffe med dig när du dricker te. Bara vara. Och jag inser hur mycket dina bilder ger. Och texter. Hej från mig och stor kram!

annton said...

sounds all very inviting. would you mind, making another cup of that tea and let the snakes rest in the sun, while we'll hum a summer song.

chasing lightning bugs said...

i love early morning when everything happens in your head.

Elle said...

A suggestion : you write me an imaginary letter, I answer and we decide if we continue the imaginary dialogue or if one essay was enough! What do you think? Could be strange, or deep, of fun, or...mysterious... ;-)

Unknown said...

googly eyes!!!!!!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

hello lovely. imaginary letters... why not share :)

i was so so busy in the weeks before going to denmark. will be here til end of august. escaping the heat. hope you are well and if you have a drink, toast for me... some day we will have that drink. i still want to tell you my thoughts and impressions from the dance show.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures but I feel a little sorry for the little stovetop espresso ... sitting cold and neglected ;-)

Gracia said...

Love the flow of these words. Particularly "dreaming about snakes and a run down house".

sarapirat said...

annika tack fina du, du ar tillbaka! ska kika in hos dig. dricker garna en kopp svart med dig. eller vad som helst for den delen.

annton beate, oh sounds great! humming a summer song? which one? summer time by janis? or what do you suggest?

chasing lightning bugs, me too! join the club! :)

elle, oh that is a great idea! now, a real imaginary one, or brining it into reality? i like this idea anyhow!

b, hehhehe! :)

trinsch, oh you are in denmark! enjoy! great thing to escape the heat. i will be going to sweden in the end of august. hoping they will get some indian summer then. .and yes, that drink, one fine day, inshallah! :) xxx. p.s id be happy to hear your thoughts!

geoffrey, hahhaha, it is actually just boiling hot and expected! but the picture is giving another impression of the whole story, funny! :)

gracia, :) thank you dear! nice you are here flowing with me.

S said...

Love your pictures ! So interesting, creative and animated. The first picture is pretty interesting -a stranger whom we will never get to know. I love the tones in the 3rd and 4th Picture -the tones really suit the mood/and ambiance of the shots.The girl's smile and the coffee pot brewing made my day !
keep it up !

outi said...

life sounds good in there!

i have a sleeping baby in my lap, coffee with home made soya milk in my cup, sun just came out from the clouds, and life is pretty good here too.
Hugs and love!

Elle said...

I propose a real imaginary one, it would more fun to choose to be who we want, living or doing what we want and change (rationnaly) when we want some parameters of our life or mind.But you can pick some point in your reality, as it seems relevant to you .
A question : would you prefer a quick way to built this (by email) or a slow one (by handwriting?)
Anyway, to continue this discussion here's my mail:

till-vidas-ara said...

älskar detta. och jag vet. jag brukade drömma om ormar en tid. när det var mycket förändringar på gång i livet. och de där breven får mig nyfiken..blev sugen skriva själv. tiden och uppfattningen om den. tror det bara blir stranden idag..

kramar Lycke

Anne said...

wat een mooie serie weer! hoop dat je een fijne zomer hebt! x