Wednesday, November 9, 2011

twigs and inspiration


perhaps it is the full moon which made me this high, i am not sure. i find this inspiring today:

‘I believe in psychedelicism. Not just psychedelic music, but everything. A psychedelic experience is characterized as the unveiling of perceptions previously unknown -- the brain unfettered from its usual constraints. To me, it's all there is, and certainly all that's worth doing. I find no worth in that which doesn't surprise. Anomalies, irregularities, deviation from the common rule -- that is all I will ever care for’. - richie jackson


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

it is inspiring :)

i hope you're getting though this whole ordeal with the tax authorities safe and sound. i cannot imagine how frustrating it must be, i completely lean on my husband to help me out on these matters.

happy weekend to you :)

till-vidas-ara said...

intressant kära du! berätta mer! vet inte så mycket om detta alls, men är nyfiken så det tjuter ***

kramar Lycke

Julia da Franca said...

wonderful words, you make me think:))
i am very sorry for your tax drama, hope you get through that, maybe you can pay it in very little rates?xox, julia

annika said...

Hm, det var en spännande vinkel. Och idag är det så grått och mulet och vemodigt här. Men varmt inuti. Må gott!

erleichda said...

Anomalies, irregularities, deviation from the common rule -- that is all I will ever care for’.
me too my friend. me too!

outi said...

geeeee, so many english words i have no idea what they mean, but sounds interesting:) i have to get my dictionary..

i did´t really sleep last night, maybe it´s the full moon?

Iris Vank said...

Allemachtig prachtig!

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Hur många foton tar du en normal dag?

Eefje said...

Het laat me nadenken, mooi!

Ik vind je foto uit je vorige post echt geweldig, zou hem wel als kaart willen. Hopelijk is het een beetje op orde verder?!