Saturday, October 17, 2009

weekend visitor


upside down, around and around. we were playing ‘the blind cow’ which turns out to be called ‘the blind bride’. it doesn’t matter to me, i didn’t grew up playing in hebrew anyways. and she braided my hair and we ate jelly beans.


anna said...

blinda kon!?! hon är söt!

Anonymous said...

life is upside down, and that`s fun!


Jael said...

En gullig gäst:-)

fröken L said...

Hur leker man blinda kon/bruden?

Anonymous said...

baby, me not have internet and phone right now. we moved a couple of days ago. we could make an phone appointment, tell me when u can and i will try and arrange a line somewhere. wanna talk talk talk!! kisses**phussy

sarapirat said...

fru a, ja visst är hon!

s, life is indeed upside down and downside up.

yaelian, väldigt gullig och rolig är hon.

frkn l, jo, då binder man en sjal runt huvudet så att kon alt. bruden inte ser, och sen måste hon jaga fatt dom andra deltagarna med förbundna ögon och fånga dom. den man fångar först blir givetvis ko. eller brud.

sophie, can you mail me your new address? maybe on thursday or on friday we can phone? or saturday? during the week i will travel up and down to tel to wanna talk. kisslovekiss

Anonymous said...

Tack for intiresny Blog