Tuesday, July 14, 2009

no shortcuts


i got a letter from the netherlands which went all the way to jakarta, indonesia before it landed here in my postbox. in these very hectic days, it reminded me that sometimes, there are no shortcuts. through the bush, up the hill, down the valley. today, i will make a list, just to sort out the mess in my head. when and what. and then fit it into the puzzle. it is like walking on a thin edge again. friday&saturday, i hope to put the flame a bit lower.


li la lotus said...

a list is a good idea, that always helps me a lot :)
have a lovely day**

flickanochtanten said...

det hoppas jag med. du tar dig nog igenom allt.
dina bilder är så fina.

Jael said...

Ohoh, till Indonesien i ställen för Israel....men bra att den kom fram till slut..

sarapirat said...

sophie, you too, have a good one.. tried phoning you yesterday. i will try again on friday or saturday.

flickanochtanten, tack så hemskt mycket!

yaelian, ja, men fram kom det! äventyrsbrev!

Anonymous said...

Ik begrijp er niets van. Er staat och duidelijk Israel. Dank 4 de foto. Ben wel blij dat mijn pakje is aangekomen. En geniet je???? Mooie dromen met dikke kussen en ik laat je a.s.s maandag weten wat ze met me van plan zijn. Els