Sunday, November 9, 2008

potassium, here i come!

this time, i'm preparing for the battle! which almost gives me motivation to deal with it.

so, i've read that dysmenorrhea can be relieved by eating loads of potassium (kalium in swedish). hence, for a few days now, i'm redmodeling my diet. the last three days, i had some kind of potatoe dish. (which anyhow, the winter makes me german, i long for mashed potatoes and stewed veggies)
i eat loads of bananas. and abricots. leavy greens will also do.

then, when hell breakes loose, i will chew fresh ginger, and massage a few acupressure points that might help.

anyhow, i believe i will manage better this month,
unless my neck is still as fucked as it is right now.
painkillers, you will have to do the job!
i will cheat on my believe.

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