Sunday, October 21, 2007

you never know who you gonna meet...

a friend of mine is very fond of picking up hitchhikers here in israel. hitchhiking is very common here, even by lonesome girls sometimes.
however, it is always quite fascinating to hear the life stories of those strangers, and i guess for most people that enough will serve as an indication why one should avoid hitchhiking all together.

the other day my friend picked up a guy in the north of israel.
after the guy is settled next to him in the car, they start chatting. my friend ask's the man what he does (work, life, you name it) and the man answers 'i just got out of jail'.
my friend, quite shocked and perplex asks why he was in jail.
the guy answers 'i stabbed my wife with a screwdriver'.

anyhow, the conversation continued about how it happend (had something to do with his wife not liking the fact that he had a girlfriend), and wheter the guy would return home now (no), and if the prison isn't a hard place to be (no, you can lay all day in bed and play backgammon for the rest)

quite amazing what people are actually telling you, just like that, while catching a ride...

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fru A said...

hoppsan... det blir inga fler liftare på ett tag, eller? läskigt!