Sunday, October 14, 2007

everything is relative...

it starts to feel autumnlike when you don't want to walk barefeet on your stone tiles anymore.
and when it is abit chilly to sit outside with an afterwork coffe and chocolate session with yuko.
i know it might seem unfair, it is about 20 degrees right now.... i guess my autumn sensation is already built into my swedish genes, this morning i tried to put some ambient electronic music, which used to be perfect for my autumn moods in nl. however, israel is way too green and sunny for that kind of music. which means i can't sink into my melancholic, emo mood just yet...
still, i will have an autumn meal for dinner,
sweetpotatoe, lentils and coconut milk soup.

aroy mak mak as the thais would put it!

talking about those crazy thais, thursday night we are supposed to make a little tribute to our trip, by having a thai dinner... i miss the food!

enjoy your meal, bete avon, smaakeljik eten, smaklig maltid

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fru A said...

höst sa du? tjugo grader? näru!