Sunday, October 14, 2007

sunday morning alone

it is quite a funny feeling waking up and not knowing where you are. even if it just lasts for a second, it is rather confusing! i guess this is the consequence of jumping from one guest house to the other the last while.

mamma and pappa left israel yesterday. i was low and blue all day because of that. farewells are not my favourite thing... and now, it feels very empty and silent again.
we had a very nice time though, only distracted by the fact that someone (who is now blessed with a bit worse karma than before) stole two bags from the trunk while we were stopping for lunch on the road.
which for now means, that again my blog will be without pictures, since my dear cam is stolen. so is my glasses, which might cause plenty of spelling mistakes since i can't really see what i write :)
and some other goodies.

however, it reminded me again how stuff is just stuff....and thank someone for that.

in sweden (vendel) it was 6 degrees in the morning, here it is 24... isn't that reason enough to come back, and quick????

how is the weather in ireland? and what about holland?

have a lovely day, you lucky christians who will be free today!


anna said...

sötnos... så tråkigt med din kamera och allt annat som stals. när de kom hem i natt (i sandaler) fick de inte igång bilen heller! det har ju varit kallt, som sagt...

fröken L said...

Önskar att du var här eller vi där...
Pratas på telefon ikväll, kanske?

Anonymous said...

in limerick the sun is shining since i found aldi :-) (at least in my wallet..) jajaa the beeeddschöörmenns..
hehe ..tesco´s go and fuck yourself!