Friday, October 26, 2007

a house full of people

even though most of you are very far away, i am so often reminded of you. except of the pictures, my house is actually built out of different spirits, to put it nicely...

everytime i make a pot of tea in my princess style tea pot, i think of mormor.
my favourite towel with pink 70's flowers reminds me of sophia.
all my lilleman knifes makes me think of mamma.
i sleep on rainers old pillow case.
my money is carried in a wallet from frkn L.
every morning when i make my coffee, i measure the amount with this little, cute wooden spoon which maarten gave me.
my kitchen carpet was made together with farmor.
my lamp is a gift from jenny.
fru A gave me my favourite pyjama.
i have a blue green coloured 'slinger' hanging in my kitchen window which ingetje made.
micke's angel is hanging in the door to my bedroom.
the butterflies on my bathroom mirror reminds me of fanny.
els's jewelry string is either decorating the wall or me.
my wolly house shoes was a present from pappa.

and so on, so on...


fru A said...

vad fint att komma ihåg alla på det sättet. jag tror att man blir bättre på det när man själv är långt ifrån...

stor unge said...

You see? that's the link! i'm indirectly related to something addictive...

rainer said...

ahhhh saralina remember that conversation about throwing letters away?