Tuesday, October 23, 2007

at least it will beat pasta pesto

(in being original that is!)
well, fru A, i must say im quite lazy on that food challenge i gave myself (trying at least a new thing/week) but, there are always little projects here and there. like the yoghurt, or new cake recepies.
this must be quite a prize winner,
todays dinner was a tortilla omelette with banana and chili sauce. yes it sounds not only weird, also disgusting, but, as a matter of fact, it was pretty damn tasty!!!!

yesterday was the day of risotto style pasta, yum yum...
perhaps i should change this into a food blog.
since that is still one of my favourite interests.
after that the option would be sex.
i think i will stick to simple life stories for a while.


fru A said...

risotto style pasta sounds like something for me. recipe please!

rainer said...