Monday, October 29, 2007

addictions are like fashion

someone just commented on my blog, refering to addictions (i know who you are:),
which made me think that my addictions are more like fashion than anything else. they kind of go in periods, perhaps even related to the season.

lately, one of my evening addictions has been a locally brewed beer called malca. it is a red beer, whatever that means, with a yeasty flavour, very tasty. on top of that, it is such a great feeling to buy local products from small producers.

my coffee addiction kicks on and off, but generally, it is on, or IN FASHION, all the time...
the last couple of days while i had a cold, i kept the morning ritual of coffee next to my healthy boost (lemon, ginger, honey mix) while usually if im sick, coffee is out of the question.

another, less constructive (!), addiction has been to waste my time reading blog's on the internet. this one is hard to kick off, but im more disciplined these days.

anyone feels like sharing their addictions with me?


Karin said...

Jadu, det här med internetberoende är något att ta på allvar.. Jag försöker skriva hemtenta och kan.inte.sluta.läsa.bloggar.eller.kolla.facebook. -Detta är INTE konstruktivt!
Usch... annars har vi ju de gamla vanliga, bita på naglarna t ex.. Fast det är väl inte precis ett beroende, mer en dålig vana..
Du är inte ensam, Sara! ;)

sara said...

karin! funderar pa att starta en 'hata facebook' club. det vore ngt det...har faktiskt nastan helt och hallet tappat det beroendet, iaf tillfalligt..