Thursday, October 18, 2007

me, a monster...

im walking around like a little thunder cloud these days. puffing out negativity once in a while, when i can't manage to keep it in ( i do try, i do...)
here are some of my reasons:
1. frustrating work process. lack of creativity. im not a idéspruta!!!
2. i got my period. it never helps.
3. my magic masseuse and reiki healer told me for the 2nd time that when she treats me, she get's the image from the tarot cards which is called schizofrenia!!!! hence, it just confirms that my personal instability is affecting all the rest.
4. im eaten by fleas. it itches like mad!!!

but, life is still beautiful,
and worthwhile,
of course....


Anonymous said...

fröken L said...

Känner igen det där mensmonstret... Var nämligen ett själv hela förra veckan!