Wednesday, October 24, 2007

risotto style pasta recepie

* dice some onion and garlic
*fry the onion on a low flame until it gets transparent. add the garlic in the end. (mushrooms would be a nice addition at this point, for instance porto bello)
*add a cup of red wine
*add plenty of butter
*leave this mixture on a low flame while boiling the pasta (make sure that it has a nice al dente)

*once the pasta is done, add safron, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese to the onion/wine sauce. afterwards mix the pasta into the sauce and let it fry together for a short bit

bonne apetit!


fröken L said...

Måste provas!!!

fru A said...


fröken L said...

Jag har testat, fast med vitt istället för rött, YUMMIE!!!