Monday, January 25, 2010

two boys and a few goats

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saturday we did a forest walk with the goats. with us joined two wild boys, age four and a half. remember how important those half years were when we were young? anyhow, it was so great to listen to them, their thoughts and conversations. what scares them, and what amuses them.

and today, far away from goats and forests, i am reading your comments and i try to find my spark again. the rain is falling and that makes me happy.


Yaelian said...


Livia said...

Great, friday I'll try to call you. Or maybe skype?
Lovely goats:) are they yours??!cool kids too..:))

sarapirat said...

visst är dom söta!

livia, jihoo, call or skype, we can try. sometimes the connection on skype is poor. the goats are not mine,but our friends. funny animals!

Toril said...

Underbar frilla på den mörkhåriga killen:) hoppas att din dag blir fin!

Helena said...

oj hjälp vilka söta barn! dom ser ut som dom är hämtade ur 80-talet!vad har du fått dom ifrån? brorsor? eller är du au pair nånstans? vart bor du? din blogg är sååå fin!

sarapirat said...

toril, jag tror att han är hemmaklippt! :)

helena, eller hur, förtjusande. varken brosor eller au pair, det här är mina grannbarn. jag bor i norra israel, väldigt nära libanesiska gränsen. TACK!