Tuesday, January 12, 2010

old signs




i keep collecting them, these old signs i find here and there. those little souvenirs from a time before this. when things felt and tasted different. i’d love to take my glasses to dan optic. he has this little hole in the wall, some dusty shelves with a few models of glasses in the window. no big flashy brand posters. and i am sure he is a reliable optician. and if i was that kind of girl, id probably pay a visit to institut de beauté, i imagine sitting in a red leather chair listening to the gossip from the ladies around me while the radio is playing some nice tune in the background.


Toril said...

SÅ fina skyltar...man drömmer sig bort till en annan tid helt klart...
Allt gott:)

sarapirat said...

toril, fint som snus! yes oh yes. allt gott till dig med.