Thursday, January 28, 2010



the week continues. i sent an email saying yes to more work, and wondering if i did the right thing. it took a long time before i managed to push the ‘send’ button. my ultra sensitive mood from last weekend has stayed with me. i will give it one to one and a half month of trial. and then i will revaluate my situation. in the meantime, i am trying to find a room in tel aviv. i am sewing pillow cases for my sisters, delayed birthday gifts. and i am baking cakes.

i went to see avatar this week. timely enough,we are experiencing our own little avatar, right here were i live. to expand the kibbutz and to build new houses, they are cutting down trees from this beautiful, untouched forest. it rhymes very bad with the idea of being an ecological kibbutz, even though the trees are supposed to be replanted somewhere else. everyone is walking around in an emotional mine field, carrying their different emotions and opinions about what is going on.i went out to the forest yesterday, to see the destruction and i had to cry again.

well, i am not posting the most cheerful posts this week. however, i do try to keep my whiskers up, and hopefully so do you!


Yaelian said...

Synd att måste ta bort en del av skogen, men om de planterar träden i ett annat ställe så är det inte helt illa. Fast säkert känns det tråkigt när man bor där. Vad tyckte du om Avatar? Såg filmen för några veckor sedan och jag tyckte den var bra .
Söker du i Tel Aviv ett rum att hyrä i någon lokal eller en etta`?

Evelina said...

Mer jobb... men det kanske kan komma något bra av det?

Toril said...

Vi gör vårt bästa för att hålla ut..under tiden håller jag mig varm om fötterna å dricker mitt chaite..
Kram till dig
Ps. tråkigt med träden...

outi said...

oh oh. i hope you have the energy to keep your whiskers up in the middle of many big changes.
enjoy, and have a good weekend!

sarapirat said...

yaelian, visst är det så att det är bättre att dom blir planterade. men samtidigt, skogen kan man inte plantera. och det finns så pass lite orörd skog här i israel.
avatar var bra, fast fortfarande väldigt mycket hollywood, bad guys verses good guys osv. fast väldigt intressant hur en mainstream film speglar precis det som sker just nu på jorden.
jag söker antingen en etta om jag har råd eller ett rum i en lägenhet. hur svårt som helst att hitta...

evelina, jag hoppas det. ialla fall lite mera pengar.

toril, det låter bra. jag gör ungefär detsamma. har börjat dagen med earl grey och visst, tofflor! kram

outi, i hope so to. and i try my best. wish you aswell a lovely weekend.

trinsch said...

ok, so funny :) see, i was reading through yuor posts (you might have noticed my comments, i have been stalking your blog the last 30 min ;). anyway, i saw the hummus, and the blooming tree, and it all reminded me of here, in israel. and now i read this post and see that it is in fact israel you're reporting from :) so hi there, from one scandinavian in israel to another. we lived 7 years in tel aviv before moving to the countryside last year. i still like to go to tel aviv, but enjoy it up here, in a moshav just east of cesaria as well. do you like it here? what brought you here?