Sunday, January 10, 2010

birthday picnic



we did a birthday picnic today, in the kibbutz i used to live in before. it is always very special to return to there. that’s the place i lived in for the longest, after i moved out from my parents. i guess therefore, i became extra attached to that place.

it was a day with loads of laughing. and even after the picnic, it continued back home with other friends. i am on the verge of collapsing from tiredness, hence i find everything extremely funny….

also, it was a day of dealing with confrontations/ or dealing with the confrontation of someone not wanting to be confronted. still, you end up with a feeling of confrontation, even when it is stays unspoken. oh.oh. oh.


Anonymous said...

Underbara bilder! Glädjefulla. Och lite drömmande. Får lite Tim Walker fotovibbar!

/Petra och god fortsättning till dig med

Toril said...

Underbart med en utomhuspicknick...å tårtan ser smarrig ut!

outi said...

oh. oh. but those balloons look still so so nice in the trees..

sarapirat said...

petra, jag far googla tim walker, vet inte vem det ar!

toril, den tartan var god, men inte min kreation

outi, they were a little bit magical, hanging there...