Monday, January 18, 2010



it happens oh, so early this year. the almonds are already blossoming, even without having reproduced their leaves. weird. hey global warming!

but this night came the rain again. makes it extra difficult to get my ass out of bed and jump on the bus down to babylon.

so long folks. wish you a nice monday.


Evelina said...

Skepp ohoj, så härligt att det blommar redan! Här är det ny istid på gång, verkar det årminstone som.

outi said...

no way! i mean, yes way! for sure. but really. oooooh, blossoms.. oh well. we still have about 30cm ice on the sea, 1 m snow on the ground and some more to come before the blossoms..
have a nice week and i wish you some sun too!

Anonymous said...

Underbart. Vår! Perfekt start på en ny vecka.


Anonymous said...

och detsamma till dig, en fin måndag alltså!


sarapirat said...

evelina, det är härligt, men ur fas helt klart... nu har det regnat nästan konstant hela dagen, och åskat, så jag antar att våren stannar upp lite. håll ut i istiden!

outi, did you go iceskating on that thick ice? and how many degrees? id love a sauna, and then a roll in the snow! instead, i will smell the flowers..

petra, hur går det med din avokado kärna? ngn framgång?

s, fin tisdag strax. kram

outi said...

haven´t been skating on the sea yet, too much snow on it.. but planing to go skiing there! at the moment -11 in helsinki, quite ok.
i was in a flower shop today smelling flowers, that´s the closest i can get here;)