Monday, February 16, 2009


food, food, food. must be quite obvious by now how important food is in my life. but sometimes i have nor the time nor the motivation to cook at length. yesterday i had foamy coffee and granola for breakfast. easy enough. and for dinner, i thought i’d share this kickass dish, which is such a piece of cake to prepare.

all you need is:

*spinach/silver beet/other greens (i use local greens that grow wild, jihoo!)
*spring onions
*miso paste
*salt and optional chili pepper for those who like is spicy. i like to use the fresh ones.

*boil the rice until its done...
*fry spring onions, garlic and chili pepper in oil
*add chunks of broccoli
*fry it all on a pretty high flame, i like to keep the veggies crunchy, so i don't fry it too long
*add spinach or other leaves plus the lemon ( i cut slices of lemon,  with peel and all, and throw it inside, it looks very pretty aswell) make sure to add the lemon only the last few minutes that it won't give a bitter taste!
*add the miso paste
mix it with the rice, eat, have a beer, and do the dishes. (if there is no gnome that does it)
sorry for the not very sharp picture.

it was tasty, however.

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Yaelian said...

Mums, det där låter gott Sara :-) Jag älskar broccoli...