Monday, February 2, 2009


hot chocolate and whipped cream. i didn't need any coffee after that sugar bomb.

the breakfast table. with a flat but tasty sourdough bread. and a sleepy dog.

we went to the golan, and i spoke with a few cows.

and enjoyed a few hours in a hot spring, with the rain drizzling down from above.

going back to the car.

i was again little red riding hood. in a very green landscape.

and bones was a muddy rat.

after this, i ate very good thai curry and cheesecake, drank some wine, laughed and did tons of dishes. goodnight! may it be a good year aswell.


Fru A said...

låter och ser ut som om du hade en ljuvlig dag. puss!

sarapirat said...

jajamän, det hade jag...

Yaelian said...

En vacker ko har du träffat!