Tuesday, February 3, 2009


sophia the beauty

yuko brought me springy flowers

pixie send me argan oil

and eco candies

miss pink collected beer lids, each one with a unique story behind it

she also got me a necklace in my two favorite colors

and a little wallet with apples

and here is a turtle for the shower from my neighbor.

you guys spoil me...thank you for everything!
and for those who'd like to make some 'polaroid' pictures aswell,
check out this!

1 comment:

Karin said...

grattis pa fodelsedagen kara Sara!
jag visste att det var i februari nan gang men maste erkanna att jag inte mindes datum.... Hoppas du hade en fin dag!
Vilka oerhort vackra blommor. sana skulle man ha.. Sjalv har jag cerise bourganville i vaser (som jag stulit fran min svenska grannes tradgard!), ganska fint det med.
Stor kram!